Friday, September 7, 2012

Day Two-Eighty: Sad


  1. BTW, as far the new poll topic, I chose "No, I like chatting in the comments" because I don't NEED a login. I already have a slew of various accounts, all with passwords I can barely remember as it is and I sure as hell don't need another one.

  2. What...the...F**K MATT! Do you have ANY idea of how long I tried to decipher Eve's lines? This is such BULLSH*T man! IT WAS RIGHT INFRONT OF ME and I couldn't figure out such a simple code!? DAMM*T! WHY MATT! WHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!!!

    On another the plot thickens...

    1. If it makes you feel any better, when I put that line through an anagram generator I actually broke the thing. It was too long. Had to chunk it up bit by bit. Took me two hours to code out a decent message. If you'd gotten it TOO easily I'd be upset.

    2. Haha yeah, but I'm surprised how hard it was to decode. I tried using the pattern method (taking each sentence and numbering the letters in the original, then finding where they were placed in the new sentence), but there was no pattern. And no Anagram Cipher programs helped XD

      So it was a GOOD one!

    3. You should go all retroactive and tell us all the shit she said, since you seem to understand it

      PLEASE. I'm horribly bad at patterns but missing an element of the story is killing me.

      Also this captcha is stupid hard. =.=

    5. Bah. Wish I'd written the translations down. The only one I kept was 'By vile fade', 'cause I knew it was damned important. Shoulda figured people would ask. Uhhhhh, rough interpretations from memory...

      When Eve first started with her babbling, during the Matriarch trip to Bottomless, she was saying 'I love you daddy' and 'I love you mommy' in a variety of ways. I cheated and snipped a few letters from these quotes so they wouldn't be too easy to decode. There IS a reason for this, I swears.

      Next up that I can remember was during Prince Logan's attempts to vacate the castle.

      He was yelling at Eve to leave, and she said:

      "A wiry, rye mandala. Truly noon."

      Don't recall EXACTLY what that means, but it's something along the lines of 'I don't plan on marrying anybody' or 'I'm not going to marry you' or something like that. In short, she knew the wedding was a sham.

      Neeeeext, on the day OF the wedding, Dragomir was chatting with Eve on the roof of the castle.

      She had two lines:

      "A grim, omitting tender."

      I'm pretty sure this is "I'm not getting married." Spot on.

      The second was:

      "Huh. Visit a dab negligee, yow lot kimono."

      This one is a LOT harder to remember, because it's such a fucking bizarre sentence, but the gist of it was "You need to get out of here before I have to kill you."

      Which, obviously, he didn't. So she did! Yay.

      Those are the only ones I can remember existing in the story. If anybody recalls any other quotes, feel free to post 'em here. I'll do my best to decipher from memory, assuming they aren't plot-important. Don't think any of 'em are, but... you never know.

      As for Captcha, I'll try turning it off. If the spam gets too heavy it's goin' back up, though.

    6. Libertine- "You murdered people you bitch"
      Eve- "Levy...olio" (or something like olio)
      Eve- "Levy...doodad"
      Drag-baby(lovingly)- "what are you trying to say, honey?"
      Eve- "Levy"
      From the picnic on the vacation with the matriarch.
      (those four letters beguile me to this day)
      Thanks! ^^

    7. Yeah, again, it's 'I love you daddy', all garbled up and said a couple times over. I really didn't wanna make it obvious that that's what she was trying to say, so I shuffled the letters around between the snippets of dialogue. She was having trouble getting it all out at this point, so 'levy' on its own doesn't really mean anything. The intention to say something intelligible was, however, and by chunking it up I tried to convey some of her inner frustration while simultaneously achieving my own structural goals.

    8. Ooooh.
      I sorta get it now.
      Why did her mom calling here a bitch make her feel exceptionally loving?

    9. All I'll say is Eve was having a lot of trouble getting ANY sort of message out, and she went with something basic to start.

      Also, if your mom calls you a bitch and considers you an uncaring monster, what better way to prove her wrong than to attempt to proclaim your love? At the very least you can guilt trip her into an apology.

  3. I knew her strange language was something incredibly loving and sweet!

  4. "I love you dad" *Shiv to the guts*

    I am never having kids. I just don't understand this new generation anymore. They don't make sense. I mean, Justin Bieber? Twilight? Really?