Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day Three-Twenty-Eight: Peek

Pagan the Knight is still too busy to meet with Edmund 'n me. Hoban tells us that he's entertaining another guest, somebody of great importance. He wouldn't tell me who, though - just said it was a person "more important than a bunch of land-hugging bums". That sounds dirty, and highlights just how little I like Hoban.

On the plus side, he DID let us outta that stone room this morning, 'cause we were deemed 'harmless' by the lord. Dunno how he KNOWS we're harmless… I mean, I could be hiding great power in these fists of mine. Who's he to judge? If he's as small as the sculptures of himself all over his property, then he should know BETTER than to assume somebody's weak. True, he probably ISN'T the size of a goblin, but I'm not going to JUDGE before I meet him. See what I did there? Avoided his terrible logic trap.

Uh. Where was I? Oh, yeah, he let us out. That was it. 

The manor is pretty cool. There's not much to do, not in the parts we're allowed to visit (mainly the grounds), but there's a lot to see. We wandered around the fields for a couple hours, taking notes and asking the labourers how best to set up fields 'n till 'n prep for winter 'n that sorta thing. Once they warmed up to us they had some good tips.

One thing I should go back on, though. They're not labourers. They're slaves. Pagan the Knight is a slave owner. 

Don't get me wrong! I am, again, not judging. I will never be accused of being a judge. If a man wants to live his life owning slaves, then he can live his life owning slaves. They're a ragged, scrawny lot, but they all seem to like Pagan well enough, and they insist they're well-fed and get proper clothing when the weather is chill. Their little cabins also look decent, considering they're used to house slaves.

Still. Slavery. Didn't think any humans bothered with it anymore. Ain't illegal - lords make their own laws out here, y'know - but it's frowned upon. Unenlightened 'n all that. Only goblins still bother with slaves. Guess Pagan's an old soul in more ways than one. They're not abused, though, and I have no stake in 'em, so I can't say a thing 'bout the slaves. I wanna make Pagan a friend, not piss him off by insulting his lifestyle. 

What we saw of the manor itself, primarily the main hall and our little room, is… decorative. There are paintings hanging everywhere. And all of them have eyes! Eyes everywhere! It's danged unsettling, 'cause you have the constant impression that somebody's watching you. Same goes for all the little statues on the outside of the manor. Not everything is an image of Pagan, but way too many of them are.

I think the man has a compulsive need to be seen. That's unhealthy. Edmund just seems to believe that it lends him a heroic air. Not from where I'm sitting, dude.

Anyway. When we weren't touring and asking questions that USUALLY weren't answered (Pagan's slaves are pretty tight-lipped when it comes to details of their master), we were in a little serving area, partaking of simple foods and singing songs with the slaves. Edmund knows how to put on a show regardless of the crowd, and the slaves are really warming up to him. See, I KNEW it was a good idea to bring a bard along!

Tonight doesn't look like it's gonna be much different from today. Lotsa waiting. I have little else to add to this entry, so I'm signing off. All I'll add before I close shop is one final question to chew on…

… where the hell is Barrel? Did he leave AGAIN? There aren't MORE rats to shuttle to Pubton, are there? Or is he just being a jerk and doing his own thing while we sit around with our thumbs up our butts? 


Dragomir the Tourist


  1. By the gods, it takes FOREVER to catch up on one of your favorite webcomics when it's not a webcomic. So many words!

    That said, Dragomir is clearly doing diplomacy all wrong. The CORRECT method is to kick down the front door, loot all the cupboards, then head to the Boss Battle.

    Not that the party is very balanced at the moment. I mean, it has a BARD. Universal constant. Bards suck.

    You'd better off with a Thief.

    1. The bard sucking trope is broken in one game: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Edward (note the similar name!) has a really damned good healing ability, and when you bump his level up past, like, 70 or something, he's as good a fighter as anyone else.

      But yeah. Otherwise? This is a poor party they have indeed.

    2. Having a bard in the party is legit, its just the fact that they didn't bring a good combat character. All support, no muscle...this Boss fight could last forever(if they play it right)...or could be over exceedingly there a way to go back and add more party members?

    3. Naw, this is an obligatory party change. Dragomir doesn't get to pick his members right now. But soon, soon...

    4. Didn't Cait Sith in FF7 have a really good Limit Break? Aside from being the bard/buff class?

    5. True, and it wasn't that hard to get it all the time too...if I recall it involved tapping square a shit ton of times to see what was next on the reel or perfect your timing before you finally pressed circle to stop the reel.

  2. Ah yes, the Spoony Bard himself.

    Support classes are OP. All Muhmorpurgers should be played in the format of Cleric Only Guilds. Cleric ruuuush!

    It's just Bards that suck.

    1. NOOOOOOO, you're thinking all wrong...MONK RUSH! HEALING/DPS SPAM!!!

  3. Matt, I gotta say that unfortunately I voted no on the Indiegogo idea. Not because I don't want to give ya money, but because I'm a poor bum myself. So technically my choice would've been "I'd give you SOOOOO much money that you'd be tripping over the damn stuff, but unfortunately I'm picking coins outta the couch cushions to buy drinks at work".

    1. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to go ahead with it anyway. I'm only considering it because my drawing tablet is crapping out and I need a replacement. No replacement, no more webcomics or Dragomir pictures.

  4. I vote "Yes," but that is contingent on me actually having some money to give you. I can't allow the love of my alter ego's life disappear. Yeah, ninja me is smitten.