Monday, December 31, 2012

Day Three-Sixty-One: Stuck

New Years' Eve.

By all rights, Pubton should be bristling with festivities. Even if they were the meagre festivities I'd come to expect.


Instead, the shadow things have finally caught up to us. Pubton is under attack. Not by slaves, not by woodland animals, not by starvation or self-doubt, but by horribly aggressive things that want to kill us all. And it's only by the grace of something ornamental that we're still alive.

I haven't even had time to look back at last week's diary entries. I always do that. I'm so freaked out right now that looking back may just make me envious. 

After having… a fight… with my dad, I went out for a walk. A simple walk, just something to clear my head while I puzzled over so many things. Food, hatred, land ownership, daughters… so many things. Eventually I wound up in front of the golden tree, where, eh, I kinda screamed out my frustrations. Didn't think anybody would answer.

Kierkegaard answered. Plain old penguin Kierkegaard, but Kierkegaard nonetheless. My soul froze the moment he stepped out from behind that tree… and frost formed on the ice when he pulled back the hoods of the men - things - carrying him on their shoulders. Arrayed in a lumpy row were the pained, grumpy, frightened faces of Captain Cedric, Driscol, and Bernard. In that order. All joined, as though they're one creature, their skin covered in crude stitches and horrifying purple veins. I can only imagine, don't want to imagine, what they look like under the cloak.

I was too shocked to register much of what they said, was too shocked even to really care about the green eyes emerging from the night behind them, too shocked to move as the cloaked horror, guided by the penguin, shambled towards me. The way it moved… those weird, awkward spasms… like there were dozens of legs underneath the cloak…

Driscol's eyes, gods, those strained, angry eyes, drilling into mine…

I think I should have died again, carried away on Kierkegaard's laughter. Instead I was blinded, everyone was blinded, when the gentle light of the golden tree exploded outward. I staggered back and fell on my butt, flailing for some purchase, anything, half expecting to wake up from a dream, because, hell, this kinda shit often happens in my dreams. I don't talk about such things anymore, but there you go.

Shielding my eyes, I crawled behind a snow bank and waited for the globs of light stuck to my pupils to fade. They did, gradually, and when I risked a glance over the edge of the snow bank I saw what I can only describe as a dome of pulsating white light, stretching and expanding out of the golden tree. It blossomed and blocked out the stars, and as it grew it pushed Kierkegaard, his unholy triumvirate of heads, and whatever other unseen nasties they'd brought along to the edge of Pubton.

And then it stopped. And there they stayed. And there they are now, surrounding the village, pounding heartily on the wall with massive black fists and slapping tendrils. Though I'm sure it's daytime outside Pubton, there are so many black creatures crawling along the walls and top of the dome that the sunlight can't get through. 

I wonder what this all looks like on the outside. I hope Pagan doesn't come looking for something - he might have a heart attack. Cripes, he was right to not want us around.

Everyone's frightened half to death, and most people are refusing to leave their shelters. Our resident Weekendist keeps screaming that 'Saturday is surely coming for us all' as he staggers about the town. Didn't know he was so doom-and-gloom. The only exception to all this is Libby: she's been pacing along the edge of the light barrier, yelling at the shadows beyond and challenging Kierkegaard to a one-on-one fight whenever he pops into view.

She shouldn't do that, I know. If she'd seen him… like I did… she wouldn't challenge him. Nobody would. But I think it helps distract her from the fact that… Grayson… has gone missing… and this time she knows it…

We're stuck. Edmund and I dared to walk out to the edge of the barrier, once, and he touched it. It's solid. They can't get through, no matter how much they claw, and we can't get out. Even if that thing did save us, it may have just condemned us to starve. Depending on how long Kierkegaard sticks around. Judging by what he's said before, I think he'll stay here until we're all dead.


We're all going to die.

Happy New Years, diary.


  1. "YOU'VE DAMNED US ALL! FORGET THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN! I'LL TAKE THE DAMN LIFEBOATS FOR MYSELF! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH!...okay, got that outta my system. After being doomed nearly every week this last month or so, I guess I'm learning to cope. Think I'll go back to drawing Jeffrey being pooped on by a dragon".

  2. Yes. I *AM* that Doom and Gloomy. You have no idea how disappointed I was during the Dec. 21st fiasco.

    In any case, I believe that Dragomir will get Evangelina and let her know what Kierkegaard has done to her brother, maybe use her to send out a message to June outside the dome (as if she already didn't know wtf is happening) as Evangelina and the others battle Kierkegaard. I mean, I'm sure June, Barrel and Pagan might be able to weed out the minions outside the dome, while Oswald, Libby and Evangelina (along with the slew of former guards that reside in Pubton, and that Fox-launching person) could handle the brunt of the Inner dome beasts, leading to an epic Boss battle. However, you have the possibility that Evangelina would doom the entire town of Pubton because she's still just SO pissed at Dragomir for letting this happen in the first place or feel that the situation is un-winnable that she'll just give up, removing the barrier and letting Kierkegaard destroy everything out of spite or submission. NOT ONLY THAT, but, you also have the Litobora to worry about. If Bora is forced to reveal her true self, she could be quite the formidable foe. But the real question is, where does her loyalties truly lie? Is she The Baron's spy? Could she have been sexing up Robert for his DNA/Code to make Lito-human hybrids that may be birthed just in time for this crucial moment in battle? Or perhaps Bora will release Evangelina and remove her seal expecting that Evangelina would doom Dragomir and all of Pubton? Does Bora know the kinship between June, Evangelina and Driscol? That Evangelina might turn to help Dragomir and his town once she realized what Kierkegaard was doing to her brother? Only time will tell. In Saturday we trust. Amen.

    Btw, *spoiler alert* Matt, YOU *ARE* "Saturday". Your mind just got blown, I know...


      Also, I have a theory that Bora might actually be on the Baron/Pubton's side. Cause she doesn't seem like a badguy, and as far as we know she is maybe in Cahoots with the Baron who DOESN'T want Dragomir dead.

    2. And so it has already been written! Only Matt can save us now!