Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day Four-Hundred-Fourteen: This is what girls do, right?

Today, Bora showed me how to brush Eve's hair.

I'd asked Evangelina last night if she knew how to do it, but she just shrugged. She has an orphan child as a pen pal, true, but she's never brushed the girl's hair before. She only knows how to tidy herself up before diplomatic events. She was afraid she might yank some of Eve's hair out by accident. I let that slide - better she tell me than try and risk hurting Eve's poor head.

Eve. Evangelina. Both good people. I like one better than the other, of course, but… Evangelina's family. She'll make a good big sister when Eve wakes up.

And Bora! Bora Bora Bora. She knew how to brush hair. She's handled lots of kids. (Said she did it to Robert a few times, too. Ew.) It's very simple, really… you take the brush, you gently insert the teeth in the hair, you pull down. You hit a tangle, you either move to another spot or jerk at it a bit until it comes loose. 

Eve has a lot of tangles. There was a lot of jerking. But, hey! She looks wonderful. Adorable. Great with straight hair. Curls again shortly after you're done straightening, but I'm fine with that. Curly hair runs in my family. Spiky, curly hair.

"Lords but this is bristly," Bora commented, taking a few locks in her fingers. "Probably needs a good cleaning, too. Has she ever had it brushed before?"

"Not that I know of. Always looked damned messy back home."

"Well… judging by the way you talk about her…" Tug, tug, jerk, jerk, "I'd say personal hygiene wasn't high on 'er priority list. Eh, kid? Whaddya say to a bath?"

Eve stared at the door to the pub. Not a flinch in response.

"Most kids squirm and howl at that. I like this one. Yep, gotta give you a nice bath some time. Here, Drago, you keep goin'…"

We brushed. I'd never have thought that brushing a person's hair would be at all invigorating, but, hell, diary, it was! It totally was. When I pictured doing things with Eve, I forgot to include all the silly girl stuff, probably 'cause I figured it would bore me. Turns out I love doin' it as much as the boy stuff! For all I know, I like it MORE!

Helps that Bora's here with me. She's been real supportive, more 'n most people. Doesn't show a hint of fear towards Eve. Evangelina's sceptical, despite what I said yesterday… 'cause she's seen Eve in action… but Bora gets it. She knows. Man, Robert, you were a lucky guy.

Huh. Somewhere along the line, I'd intended to try 'n get her chummy with Edmund. Y'know, chocolate on chocolate sorta thing. Seemed right then.



Well, anyway.

You're probably bored hearing 'bout Bora and Eve, diary, so I guess I'll address today's big topic: the result of the vote. Because I refuse to participate, they've declared it a no-go. Mom didn't win, Libby didn't win. Complete deadlock.

But Libby's still following through with her plan. She's taking the Hypermole, some more gear and whomever wants to come and plowing a path straight through the forest to the mountainside. Actually, I should change up some tenses in that sentence, 'cause she's already gone. Didn't even say goodbye. A lotta people went with her, too, I hear, almost forty. I guess more will follow with supplies 'n stuff to set up a camp.

So, in the end, the vote was good for something.

Others aren't happy about the whole thing, so they've told me I have to go talk to Libby and try to reason her into abiding by democracy 'n shit. I'll go, too, if only to get it over with. I know Libby will stay there, no matter what I say. She's a giant douche like that.

Of course she is. Just look at her son.


Dragomir the Father


  1. Their marriage is falling apart because of the kids, but the vote will be the excuse. This makes me sad.

    I've always loved Libby, but she is being an actual douche right now. She never would accept Eve even if she proved herself a normal girl. Instead, she's indoctrinated by that asshole, Grayson. She thinks he's perfect. Libby isn't dumb and is a good judge of character, so indoctrination is the only conclusion.

    1. I can always tell when somebody is a Mass Effect fan by the use of that one key word.

    2. Just as long as you come up with a better ending for Dragomir than EA did before the extended cut, I'll personally be fine...but then again...that may be too easy a bar to rise above for you...

      As you can see...the topic still stirs up old, painful memories...


      On another note, I rather enjoyed today's picture. It looks like it could've been used when Eve wasn't all "I'ma stare at the wall like a blank slate".

    4. You already knew I was, but it doesn't help that I just got done playing it again.

  2. I like Bora. I will be most depressed when she reminds us all that she's an obese, hat thieving monstrosity.

    The fiend.