Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Four-Hundred-Seven: The Master Debaters (tee hee)

In accordance with democracy, Libby and my mom had an opening debate today, under the golden tree. One on one side, one on the other. I'm not sure why it was called an 'opening' debate, since there's only gonna be one, but I don't argue with these things. I roll with 'em.

Libby's argument was the same as yesterday, only more clumsily-delivered since she sucks at formal speaking. The Hypermole can dig up stone to be used for building as well as valuable minerals and ore deposits. Using these things we can shape Pubton into a well-defended, powerful community much more quickly. Insert a lot of ums and uhs.

Mom's argument was ALSO the same as yesterday, though she's fine with crowds and possesses a motherly sweetness Libby lacks when Grayson's not at her side. Farms are important, dears, farms drive rural economies and keep our stomachs full. Maybe we can look into this mining business in the summer or autumn, but right now? Oh no, dears, no we can't. If we want to remain stable, we can't take such risks. Thank you kindly for listening, you're fine folk. Not a single um or uh.

As mayor, I was obliged to serve as a moderator. I had to tell the two of 'em to shut up whenever they tried to interrupt each other's speeches. I suck at raising my voice to my mom, and I don't wanna speak to Libby period right now, so you can imagine how that went. The arguments and disruptions were fast and fierce, and in the end I think my mom came off looking a whole lot better.

There was supposed to be a question period, but the first question, directed at Libby, ended in an impassioned tirade and a bloody nose flowing freely in the crowd. After that everyone was too afraid of Libby to ask anything else, my mom had another moment to glorify her plan, and we disbanded.

The Hypermole watched over it all, silent and looming. I'm not sure what opinion it has on the matter.

Same goes for me. Both sides have their merits. In the short term, we really need those crops. In the long term, we really need that stone, and those supposed minerals beneath that stone. The long-term plan should probably win out over short term.

… except we need the crops to survive.

… but what good are crops if we're killed by an enemy attack?

… yet we could be starved to death by a sustained siege with an insufficient yield…

… and that yield could be destroyed with poor defences.

… but guards need to eat.

GAH! Pile on the personal obligations and this is made even worse. If I vote for one, I piss off the other. My marriage is teetering on the edge so I should vote for Libby and try to patch things up with her… but my mom just lost a son, and she's still in grieving. I can't abandon her now.

Both sides have been canvassing Pubton all day, talking to people and trying to convince them of their plans. Everyone will talk to mom, while only people who support her will talk to Libby. The rest flee, fearing broken noses and worse. I'm avoiding 'em both - I can make up my own mind.

Even if the ultimate decision is to abstain.

That… might be the safest course of action.

Unless I offend them both.



Dragomir the Mayor

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  1. (Upon taking my previous advice to get drunk and THEN settle things) Okay...okay...I got this...*hic*...we...push the wheelie thing into the field...*hic*...and we...go WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! GRRRRRRR! WOOOSH! and dig *hic*...then *hic* the hole bobble in a mountain rock solved!

    Or in other (non-alcohol induced) words! They should outfit the Hypermole to tearup/mix the ground in the fields. Just spread a TON of seeds out there, and use the machine to quickly mixup the ground/seeds and do in a day what a team of horses and farmers would take weeks.