Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Four-Hundred-Thirteen: Mortal Mombat

So Libby dropped by the house today. I am unashamed to admit that I fought for my child, and since I'm still here, I must have won the battle.

She was one of the few people who hadn't stopped by to offer congratulations and consolations regarding Eve since her arrival last Friday. I'd expected as much, and, frankly, I'm surprised she showed up THIS quickly. Shoulda known the object of her visit was NOT Eve, but, instead, that stupid vote.

"YOU HAVE TO VOTE," Libby yelled, waving her arms. "IT'S IN A DAMNED DEADLOCK. YOU -"

I spun and raised a finger to my lips. "Shut up! She's trying to sleep!"

Libby stared at Eve's wide eyes. "What the HELL are you TALKING ABOUT? SHE'S -"

I stood from my chair and did something unheard of: I pushed Libby backward. "QUIET! I can tell she's sleeping, dammit! Don't wake her!"

Grayson, who of course had accompanied his mother, used the moment of complete shock to slip by me and poke at his sister's… half-sister's… arm. "She looks dead. Is she dead?"

Before Libby could recover from my first push I reached around Grayson and shoved him back several feet. Not hard, but firmly. "You stay away from her."

Libby freaked at that. She told me, in the loudest language I've heard from human lungs, that I can do what I want to HER, but that I'd better keep my arms OFF her son. There was much cussing and creative use of the word 'ass' which I won't bother to repeat here. Most of it I'd heard before, some was improv.

Libby progressively cooled down when she recalled her purpose. She wanted me to vote. Naturally, she wanted the vote to go in her favour, but she would settle for ANYTHING as long as it ended the deadlock.

"When my mom came to visit," I replied, "she didn't even mention the stupid vote. She only wanted to see Eve."

That set Libby off again. Her next tirade was even louder. By the end I thought it better to pick Eve up and carry her to the pub to recuperate in a lockable room, and since Evangelina's room HAS a lock, that's where we stayed.

Libby ranted at us from outside for a few minutes. We clamped our hands over our ears. Eventually, she left.

"That woman is crazy," Evangelina pointed out.

"Yep." I smoothed Eve's hair as she sat in my lap, propped against my chest.

"You're looking kind of crazy yourself, there, Dragomir."

"Yeah. I need a bed." I paused, looking at the key hanging on the wall. "Mind if I put her in there with you for a bit? Until I'm sure Libby's gone?"

Evangelina cocked an eyebrow. "Aren't you afraid I'll try to escape? Or use her as leverage?"

"Not really. If it were up to me I'd have set you free by now. You're good people."

"Huh. Thanks. I think." She motioned for me to use the key and let Eve in. "You know, it IS in your power to let me out. I did enough to warrant staying in here, but… you COULD -"

"Nope." I slid the wooden bars open and carefully laid Eve on the bed beside Evangelina. "I've asked around. Popular vote is still against you. It's better than it was, what with everything that's happened, but they all still think you're better off in here. Little things like this'll convince 'em otherwise."

Evangelina didn't reply. She was deep in thought. We sat, the door wide open, both of us watching Eve. She'd closed her eyes again, her head propped in my lap. I smiled down at her, and I pictured her smiling back at me. I'll never forget that smile.

"She really is lovely," said Evangelina. "When she's not killing people, I guess. She's a lovely little girl."

Yeah. She is.


Dragomir the Father


  1. fact Libby didn't re-arrange his face when he pushed her, must be just as shocked as the rest of us by his behavior.

  2. I'm wondering why Matt didn't go with "MARITAL KOMBAT!"