Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Four-Twenty-Two: Resignation?

Drags, Drags, Drags. Peoples no happy with yooooou. 

Peoples come. I say? Ya, diary, I say. Many times. Peoples, they comes to Drags temphousehome. They asks questions, and Drags? He is all Blondie-blonde. Stuck on the Blondie-blonde, always, always. Won't leave her.


I try. Diary, we try. We leap on face. Five times! FIVE! I does math. Maybe even twelve times. We leap, we fall on footsies, we BITE, but Drags? Always sets aside. Takes with, yes, but aside. No care. Only Blondie-blonde.

Drags. Obsessed. OoooooobSESSED. Reading is good for BRAIN! Do read and you SEE! GODS, DRAGS!

People. Lost track. People! Peoples keeps coming. They ask Drags. Man, silly hat, kinda likes the Drags? What's name… Harororororrrlddd! Yes. Harrhahahrold. Funnys is the name. Sounds, boi-ster-ous laugh. Harharhahrhroldharhar! Har! He come early, he talks to Drags. Ask. I record.

"Mr. Mayor?"

"Ah, hey, Harold. C'mon in. Come to check on Eve?"

"Uh… no, I think the Lord Knight has her share of protectors in you… and… Bora, I suppose… you know, you've been spending an awful lot of -"

"She ate some turnip today. Isn't that great? I've had trouble giving her solid foods up 'til now, but TURNIP! Man, that Bora's a wonder. She can make gross food taste good to even a coma patient. That's talent, man, talent."

"Ah. Yeah. Listen, Dragomir, the first bits of stone have been coming in, and I think we need some more workers, maybe another mason, what with the Weekendists using one on their church and all -"

"Oh, yeah, the church. How's that coming along?"

"Uh. Well! I guess. Haven't… had much time to look, Edmund and I have been at the wall a lot, but I think it'll be ready for a library quite soon, maybe even tomorrow -"

"Keen. Can't wait. Listen, I have to give Eve a bath now. She's gettin' a bit dirty. Go get Bora for me, would you? She's good with Eve's hair, better than I am."


"Harold? Ya back there?"

"Are… are you still the mayor or not, Dragomir?"


"Of Pubton. Do…  do you even care anymore?"

"Hm? Oh. Nah. You be mayor. I'm busy."

"… o… kay…"

Harrhahahaholdldldl leaves. Is mayor now? Sure. Politics. Don't get.



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  1. I know he's supposed to be mayor and all, but I gotta side with Dragomir on the fact that sometimes family comes first before anything else. Especially since nobody else seems to really care (Except maybe Bora, Evangelina, Dragomir, and...Diary?). Plus I think Harold will make a decent back-up mayor, he seems like he knows how to manage the town.