Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Four-Thirty-Three: Trouble brewin'

Three things to discuss today.

First: The state of Pubton. Again, not terribly interested, but dad's making more moves to become the mayor, and with my mom at his side (though not necessarily supporting him, she still wants me to fill the role) he's a popular choice. I asked Harold 'bout officially handing over my power, and though he was dismayed by the prospect, he said it can easily be done in a short ceremony. Dunno why we have to go through this mumbo-jumbo - s'not like becoming mayor was some big official thing, a freaking witch told me I had to do it - but, there you go. Politics.

Second: A letter from Lord B.T. Truth be told, I'd almost forgotten about the guy. He's nice, he's comforting, but he's not very helpful, y'know? With Eve around I've got the only security blanket I think I'll ever need. Anyway, here's what he wrote. Sounds like he's in a pickle:

'Hello Dragomir,

I want to begin my congratulating you on the return of your daughter. I have heard from reliable sources that the Lord Knight is with you now, and she's doing well. I hope you're enjoying life with your daughter, and I would be very interested to hear the details of her arrival in your fair town. Does she seem much changed by her absence? You know, at all quirky? Forgive the odd questions, but your situation is singular, and I'd love to learn more about this twist of luck.

My own luck has not been so good. Where Pubton appears to be flourishing, my own kingdom… is in an uproar. One of my lieutenants, a rather bloodthirsty fellow, has overstepped his bounds and is challenging me for control of my people. His movements are surprisingly sly at the moment, but I fear he will attempt bold strokes in the coming days. This is made all the more distressing by the fact that he was, once, a student of mine, and it pains my heart to battle even the most troublesome of my apprentices. If only he understood that I wasn’t much interested in leadership in the first place!

I need advice, Dragomir. Against other opponents, I might plot out a strategy. Unfortunately, this fellow defies strategy: he enjoys setting things in motion at random and watching the results. His tactics are bizarre, his methods questionable, and his aims too broad and unfortunate for me to fathom. I fear he seeks destruction for the sake of destruction, a terrible, growing trend in today's youth. Your exploits occasionally sound somewhat unstructured; how would you deal with such an adversary?

I hope to hear from you soon. It has been some time since we swapped correspondence, and I fear my letters may not be getting through. When you have a moment to write back, please, do so.


Lord B.T.'

I haven't written it yet, but my advice is gonna be short 'n sweet: get out of politics. Any other opinion would be a lie.

The third…

The third thing…

Actually, maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow. Now doesn't seem right. Not yet.

Not when it's so fresh. If you can call it that.



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