Monday, May 6, 2013

Day Four-Fifty-One: It's just a spat, surely

The going rate for saving somebody's life appears to be grief, these days. I've gotten nothing but grief since Libby woke up.

Allow me to expand a bit on what happened last week, because it turns out that Grylock, blessed, crafty Grylock, followed me. He saw me sneak out of camp, because he's an early riser; he saw me follow a bunch of cockroaches; he saw me walk through a wall of solid stone. Didn't manage to scent anybody who was IN the cave, go figure, but he found it nevertheless.

He also managed to hide when Doc and his three dead-but-not-dead peons charged up to the cave. Doc had been screaming about 'suspicions' and 'deceit' and 'I didn't make you this way' the whole time, so Grylock had ample opportunity to make himself scarce behind a rock, his poisonheart drawn in case of trouble.

He watched them enter the illusory wall in front of the cave. He heard a commotion inside, and some ungodsly howls. He watched as Doc and a thing composed of three people he'd thought dead fled from the cave, ran to a small clearing, and… stopped. Doc pulled out a Grylock-doesn't-know-what, there was a flash of green light, and when a puff of foul mist had faded the group was gone.

(Grylock was glad, too. Apparently they smelled absolutely horrible to his goblin nose. Poor guy.)

Grayson came next, yet despite being wounded he managed to slip away without a sound, completely evading Grylock's keen eyes. I was the last to leave, dragging an unconscious Libby out with me. That's when Grylock ran for help.

And, now, here we are. Back in Pubtwon. Only Libby isn't here anymore, because when she woke up she beat the shit out of me, called me the worst father in the world, and ran off.

I didn't see it coming. I'd been sitting vigil over Libby's bed back at camp the entire weekend, inside one of the half-ruined houses. It was probably 3 or 4 am this morning when she finally woke up with a big, nasty bump on her head from the fall…

… but that didn't stop her from slugging me one in the face.

I've been hit by Libby before. I've chronicled many beatings in this diary. But now I know I've never really been hit. She must have held back before, because this hit, perhaps tempered by several months of working with heavy rocks and machinery, managed to dent my breastplate. For some people I know that's not a big deal, but Libby's just a normal woman.




Normal woman.

Knocked off my chair and still half asleep I stared up at Libby's shadow as more blows came raining down on me, each punctuated by another accusation.





Leaving me a bloody mess on the ground, Libby eventually retreated. Her screaming woke up the whole mining settlement - but no one managed to spot her as she left. Nobody can even tell me which way she went, because the rugged roads of Pubtwon are a mess of footprints and wagon wheel furrows.

My arm is broken. So's my nose. Grylock figures I have bruised ribs, and he wonders how painful it must have been for Libby to punch metal. He says I'll be staying in bed for at least a week while I mend, and that I shouldn't be leaving Pubtwon for at least two weeks. Travelling could muck up my wounds as I heal.

But I don't have a choice. Because Libby's eyes, oh, gods, her eyes, they were so white. And that's why I don't blame her for this pain, because it's not her fault. I know it isn't.


Dragomir the Invalid


  1.! I figured I'd only miss like the trial and some minor sidestories while I was gone for like 3 weeks (House-sitting for internet-lacking relatives should be banned by the Geneva Convention).

    So after reading ALL the updates and seeing the pictures in color...WOW...mind blown here. Gotta say that the story is going into 'Kick-Ass' mode as all these things come together, and the colors are well-done!

    1. Sorry, dude, I stole your colouring job. Paid homage to your work, though - every time I tried to apply different colours for Dragomir's clothing it just didn't look right.

    2. Well I admit that the red is possibly the only color that seems to work with him. Although you seem to have found the ONE shade of blonde that actually works with his hair. I tried quite a few times before going with a kinda rusty orange, since it always looked too sandy or dirty blonde. But you found the perfect shade! XD and it might help that you're adding the small highlights and shadows yourself (which is the one thing I find with blonde hair, is that it's the shadows and lighting that really makes it stand out compared to brown and black hair).

      Pretty much just badass all-round, and it was a pleasant surprise to find when I finally got onto the internet. (It was like discovering fire. Sat there banging my laptop like a cave-man, screaming in unintelligent ramblings as the screen came to life. Promptly threw a pile of sticks and straw onto it, fearing the fire in the box would somehow disappear. Oh sweet internet how I love you!)

      Only question on my mind though...WHEN WE GONNA LYNCH THAT KING!? DOWN WITH JEFFREY! DOWN WITH JEFFREY! DOWN WITH JOFFREY...I MEAN JEFFREY! (I feel like I'm losing the whole "Lets hang the fool" argument...damn you M.Bird, making me feel pity and making him out to be a sympathetic person...BAH!)

  2. By the way, if Dragomir is still out of the loop for too much longer, methinks you'll have to do another "AFK-esque" side story called, Pubtwon: WTF HAPPENED!?