Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day Four-Sixty-Eight: Get your tickets, get your tickets here

We're getting close. We're not there yet, but we're getting close. I can tell, because now I can smell Dragomir's presence wherever we go.

My leg hairs are amazingly sensitive to chemical changes. I'm not quite as good as sniffing out malefactors as, say, a goblin, but I come extremely close - and when I'm on the right track to find somebody I've met before, I know. This is especially true of Dragomir, because he usually smells of stale pee. There's a reason June told me to watch over him. He's easy to follow.

Catching up is another matter. We're getting closer and closer. I'm hoping, given Eve's relentless pace and the Non's slowed movements, that we'll get to Dragomir by tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I continue to question my own sanity for travelling alone with this girl. To use Dragomir's odd phrasing, she weirds me out.

Eve can talk. She's expressed desires clearly and succinctly several times during our trip, usually telling me that it's time to rest, to eat, or to perform the usual bodily functions of a little girl. She's also offered a few keen insights on tracking Dragomir. For example, when we came across a Non campsite that 'smelled' wrong and offered an odd set of tracks in a different direction, Eve suggested that they might know they're being followed. We've since been travelling downwind, and the Non's stopping sites are back to normal.

The rest of the time, though, Eve is silent. She offers no conversation, and aside from investigating me and turning me over every now and then, I might as well be a rock perched on her shoulder. She also refuses to write in you, diary, which I find most peculiar. I suppose she could be illiterate, but… somehow… I don't think she is…

I can't help but think back to June. When Eve first appeared, June had considered using the little girl to kill Grayson, her own brother. The witch surmised that only something of roughly equal might could stop that boy, and the old Eve fit the bill. This new Eve… she has none of the power, but still…

I don't know. I'm musing over things that will do me no good. For the moment, at least, I must cooperate with Eve in getting her father back. Once that's done, perhaps I can look into her strangeness a little more thoroughly. She seemed so normal when Dragomir was present… oh well.

I sleep now. The search continues, and hopefully it will end tomorrow. If it doesn't… well, it doesn't, I suppose.


Julius the Familiar

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