Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Four-Eighty-Two: No Admittance

Julius warned me that going to Pubtwon was futile. He begged me not to bother, because if June wants me in Pubton, if she hasn't outright enslaved me, it's probably for a good reason. I didn't listen, because, well, wife. June HAS to know where her damned hut is, and where there is hut, there is Libby.

And Grayson. Werewolf Grayson. All the more reason to get Libby out of there pronto.

But June, as I anticipated, is not accepting visitors. Our attempts to enter Pubtwon were immediately rebuffed. Or, uh, mine were.

"You ain't welcome here, Mr. Mayor," said Grylock, the head of a large group of orange-eyed labourers who wandered out to meet my cart at the edge of Pubtwon. He said this in a distinctly female voice. "Thanks for delivering my familiar. Much obliged. Off you go, now."

I stood my ground by remaining seated. "No. I have to talk to Jun… er, you. June. I have to talk to you. I need to know where Libby is."

GryJune smiled. I hate it when Grylock smiles; all the worse when a witch is behind the motion. "You know where she is. She's in my hut. I sensed ya enter it, and I sensed ya get thrown out. Poor daddy, manhandled by his kid."

"Stop playing games!" I pointed over my shoulder, back in the direction I'd come from. "We're in deep shit, and we need Libby's expertise! The Non are comin', you know that!"

"Surely do," June agreed. "I surely do. 'n that's why you're gonna return to Pubton, and stay there. 'less you wanna get kidnapped again, ya dunce. You coulda been snagged a dozen times on your way here. And after all the work Julius did to get you back."

Too true. I ignored the implication. "Why won’t you tell me? What the hell do you stand ta lose by helping me find her? I'll stay in Pubton for the rest of my fucking LIFE if you'll just -"

GryJune shook his/her head and laughed. "Nope! Nope nope nope. I need Libby right where she is. She's providing a valuable service to me. When I'm done with her, I'll send her back to ya. Her and her precious lil' baby."

I tried to protest, but it was no good. June's bewitched blockade remained in place, and even though I could have run right over the lot, I didn't want to hurt a bunch of innocent people.

And Grylock.

Pretty sure he's damned far from innocent.

But anyway.

June ordered Julius back into her service, apparently content that he'd done his job. He crawled off of my arm and onto GryJune's, acting as mopey as a tarantula can get. The poor guy had no choice, so I don't blame him for returning to his master. He clearly didn't like doing it.

I've parked my wagon on the borders of Pubtwon. The gang that blocked me has gone back to work on the mine, tirelessly using the Hypermole to carve through the rock, though one scout remains to keep an eye on my position. I guess June's influence only stretches so far.

I just wish the scout wasn't Antonia. She frightens the boogers right out of me with that stare of hers. Werewolves are unpleasant.

I haven't given up. I'm going to find a way past June's cronies and make the trek to her cave. She can't deny me an audience if I give her no choice.


Dragomir the Co-Mayor


  1. Evangelina's powers and knowledge of her mother would be really handy right now.

  2. Evangelina will get her powers back some day. Without 'em, though, I doubt she'd be much help - June keeps as many secrets from her kids as she does everyone else. June's also tapping into a kind of power that's entirely foreign to Eva, soooo...

    No worries. Children and mother will get their staredown moment. Not sure WHEN, but...