Friday, June 7, 2013

Day Four-Seventy-Five: Let's recap

… and you know the rest of the story. Julius and Eve, as well as a shitload of woodland critters, rescued me on the next night. We stopped by a waterfall, Blue complained of her leg again, and the long delay gave my rescuers the time they needed to save me. We made our way back to Pubton…

… and here we are! Haggard, trail-worn and hungry, but we are here nonetheless. Thank the gods for good friends and loving daughters.

We were greeted by a search party consisting of Edmund and a group of volunteers. Ever since I disappeared (and Eve, though there's been less emphasis on finding her) Pubton has been freaking out, trying to track me down. A sudden squall washed away most of the tracks, so the trackers Harold hired to look for me had almost nothing to go by. Having noticed that Blue leaves huge footprints in the dirt, I told Harold to fire the trackers. Rain or no rain, it's not that difficult to follow her.

The trial was scheduled to continue a few days ago, but aside from a few preliminary and half-hearted arguments it was put on hold. Everybody was more concerned with finding their mayor. You have no idea how much that touches me. Pagan says that he stalled the trial simply because it would be much easier to progress with mayoral authority around, but, hell, I know the truth. What a softy.

The next day of the trial is the coming Tuesday. I'm hoping to do something about that on Monday. But, ah, we'll get to that when we get to is. For now… for now I think I need to talk about the Non.

Here's what I know. They're a race of changeable shadows with glowing green eyes. They come from a horrifying door, deep underground, though judging by what Julius has written (yes, I read his entries - what's this guff about my diary having a 'personality'?) they were somehow sealed there by the rats. Regulators. Whatever you wanna call 'em. Point is, they're dangerous enough that the other major powers of this world want to deal with them.

The Non are trying to crush kingdoms along the Grand Chasm. No, strike that - they ARE crushing kingdoms along the Grand Chasm. They're also in pursuit of something near here, some kind of 'lock' that is… again, sealing, I guess… something. What something, though? What the hell do they want with it? Not a clue. I can only hope that June, who seems to have control over the… lock… thing… can keep it safe…

… though her possessing it opens a whole 'nother can of worms. Forget about that for now. Too confusing. June complexicates everything she touches.

The Non - or at least The Baron, who I guess is ALSO a Non - want me. Specifically, they, he, whatever, want me captured. In custody. Away from Pubton. And considering that Doc was so interested in my hands, I'm guessing… it has something to do with those. Y'know, the old can't-pick-up-a-weapon trick. I dunno what else it could be beside that.


I can't pick up a weapon. Which seems pretty useless!

I thought this was because my hands were broken.

Is it possible, though…

Is it just possible…

That maybe my hands are ALREADY a weapon…?

And if that's true…

What the hell is it…?


Dragomir the Befuddled


  1. You're a wizard Har...Dragomir...