Monday, June 3, 2013

Day Four-Seventy-One: The other side of the story

Well THAT was one hell of an experience. And a knock to the head. Yeesh, why can't this shit happen to someone else for a change?

I'm making my way back along a path that I was traversing just last week. I recognize a lot of the little landmarks, the oddly-shaped rocks and hobbled oak trees and peculiar hillocks, even if we are headed past them in a different direction. Backtracking so extensively really gives you the sense that you've wasted all that time for nothing.

But it wasn't for nothing. Not really. As Julius had hoped (I've only looked at the end of his entries - I'll respect his privacy, since he saved me), I've learned a few things about the Non. For starters, I've learned that… they're… well…


They're just people.

Though a few of them are pretty fucked up in the head.

Let's begin at the beginning. Always a prime choice.

The first day of Jeffrey's trial… did not go well for me. I won't go into the details too thoroughly, but suffice it to say that I was nervous. Nervous as hell. Nervous enough, indeed, that Pagan ejected me from his courtroom. Which is fine, because the moment I sat down on the benches is the moment I wanted to get out of there. I think I'd be better if I went back a second time, but… just then… I couldn't do it. I couldn't handle being in the room with a man whom I may have condemned to death.

So I went for a walk. That's when it all went wrong.

Occasionally, when I need a breather, I go sit in the forest. Normally I seek out Eve to calm me down, but I knew she was in the Beefiary with Bora. We're still too skittish around one another, and I didn't feel like making the moment even more awkward by bringing in more trouble. So I went for the forest.

That's where Titan Blue grabbed me. Or, uh, Blue. Just Blue, I guess. She wouldn't tell me her real name. I'll get into that later.

It was a weird moment. Everything was absolutely normal one second, and in the next, my view of a pretty little bird sitting in a tree was suddenly blocked by darkness. I thought I'd gone blind - but then I was lifted off my feet and into the air, and I knew something worse had happened. I was being carried off.

Blue apologized to me through her fingers. I wasn't in the best mood for accepting.

Her fist gently but firmly clamped around my head, Blue carried me through the forest for a long time. It was already a hot day, and the sheer heat emanating from her fingers and palms nearly boiled me alive. I blacked out after a while, wondering if she might accidentally (or not so accidentally) suffocate me.

I woke up when fresh air hit my face. I immediately screamed - but by then it was too late. Blue had carried me far from Pubton, far from ears connected to mouths that might raise the alarm.

Doc and his band stood around me, over me, Doc himself gloating as he perched on my chest. He cackled and shoved a sock into my mouth after letting me scream for a few moments, and I realized to my horror that it was my own sock. Understand now that I don't wash my socks.

I may have passed out again.

We were well on our way across country, I slung over Blue's shoulder, when I woke up again. I think I'll leave my account there, for now, though there's plenty more to come.

Ugh. That sock. It was so wretched.


Dragomir the Saved

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