Monday, July 29, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes, Part One.

Season two of Dragomir's Diary is officially wrapped! Lotsa crazy shit went down, and I believe the story's sufficiently prepped to segue into season three. This of course means that Dragomir's Diary is on hiatus for a week while I prep the initial stages of season three. The story will be back in full force next Monday. In the meantime, you may wanna skip back to the beginning of the mad, mad events which brought the season to a close by clicking the image below!

Everybody loves Latin, yo.

I still like to post every day, so this week will consist largely of behind-the-scenes nonsense for season two. I'm still unearthing all my material from my recent move, so today's entry isn't so much behind-the-scenes... as it's a response to the winner of the little popularity poll.

Who won? Eve, of course. As if you couldn't predict that everybody's favourite blood-letter and daddy's little girl would take the majority vote. In celebration, here's a nice, big picture of Eve in her natural environment.

Yep. She sure do like to kill people. (Screw that helmet I put on her during the webcomic week, though. I HATE that helmet so much.)

Tomorrow: probably some scans from a little notebook I use to write down ideas when I'm bored, including some preliminary sketches. Stay tuned!


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