Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes, Part Three.

Howdy, y'all. Hiatus week continues. Lookin' for the storyline? Start below.

Lookin' for some behind-the-scenes goodness instead? Then don't you dare click that Latin. Don't you dare. 'cause today, we have character concept art to peruse.

When I started Dragomir's Diary, I was often drawing on the fly. I drew up concepts for a FEW characters - Dragomir, Libby, Jeffrey and Logan are the only ones I can recall - and the rest just kinda developed while I was creating the early comic panels. 

The... terrible... early... comic... panels. God they're ugly.

I decided to remedy this a little in the second season by drawing up a concept sheet right at the beginning. Let's have a look at what I wrought.

- Dragomir's look was already dictated by one of his earlier dreams, so all I had to do was fill in the blanks. For some reason remembering to draw the hole in his breastplate proved difficult - but I remembered just fine once I covered it with a patch. His skullcap look was supposed to come into play when he was tending fields or doing other physical work, but I guess in the end I just couldn't be arsed.

- I struggled hardcore with Libby's hair this year, for some reason. I like how it looked in this concept picture... but for some reason, I didn't abide by this picture. The front flip was all over the place. Forgive me.

- Aaaaaaand Edmund is Edmund. No changes there.

- Poor, poor Jeffrey. All I did later on was add his crappy little cardboard crown. It made him look all the more pathetic.

- CeDrisArd was problematic, as I've never sewn together three characters. Cedric looks fine; Driscol is meh; Bernard is wimpy. (In other words, more or less spot-on.) A few stitches didn't seem like enough to really convey the torture of their existence, so I added weird pulsing purple under their skin. For kicks. (Don't ask what's up with Bernard's hand. I have no idea.)

- I have yet to show Kierkegaard's transformation in its entirety, and I don't think it quite looks like this. Especially not his head. I do like the limbs, though. 

- Doc is roughly based on two characters. The first is Herr Doktor from Reboot. The second is the little Decepticon doctor from the second Transformers movie. He appears to have a high-collared coat in these pictures; I dunno if he'll be sporting that in the future. Fast trivia: his real name, Emmett, is taken from Emmett Brown of Back to the Future. Possibly obvious, but, meh.

- This shot of Titan Blue is mainly just to show how huge she is compared to Doc. Very big girl. More fast trivia: my girlfriend wanted a character named after her (she has blue hair), and this was her choice. Yep, she went for the towering black Non.

- June hasn't changed much, and I doubt she'll change much in the future, either. I like her cloak. Little Julius doesn't much look like a tarantula in this shot, because I hadn't bothered to research what tarantulas look like at the time. (He also wasn't planned on being important. Funny how things change.)

- Evangelina's sporting a very Piccolo-esque look in this shot. She KINDA had this appearance near the end of the year, but I got rid of the breastplate and made her hair a bit less ragged.

- Ahhhh, Eve. I played around with her look more than this, though I can't find any of the other pictures. I had long planned on continuing the fully-armoured look, but by the time I reached this year's webcomic week I kinda realized that Eve barely NEEDS armour. It just gets in her way. She'll probably continue to wear gauntlets going forward, but that's all for protection.

- Bora is another of those characters whom I'd drawn previously, so all I did was change her outfit a bit. And, uh, muck with her hair and eyes. This picture of her is definitely not the greatest.

- Tobo. Poor Tobo. He never even showed up in a comic. Not in this shape, anyway. Oh well.

- I was still drawing Mindless Walkabout at the beginning of the second season, so you get some of these guys as well. I don't know what I was thinking with that first headshot of Traveller. He looks awful.

- Plato! I honestly didn't plan for him to show up in Dragomir's Diary until next season; he just kinda wormed his way in at the end. His little bandana flower has proven most annoying, as I constantly, CONSTANTLY forget to draw it in. I think he's just lost it somewhere at this point. Also, my god, his arms are so short here.

- Another Eve shot. I kinda like the short hair. (This picture also reminds me that I completely forgot to put her Omega Corps tattoo on her shoulder during webcomic week. Guess the Non burned it off, or something. I dunno.)

- Nagi, from Mindless Walkabout, has not appeared in Dragomir's Diary! She will eventually. I don't know if she'll have the hammer. Her look is inspired by Leela from Futurama, hence only one of her eyes appearing in most frames.

- And, last but not least, Logan. Just as Plato was NOT planned on appearing this season, Logan WAS supposed to appear, showing up with the rest of his family. Instead I shunted him into the Mindless Walkabout cast for a few months. Worry not, he'll return in season three. His outfit was inspired by Dragomir's original guard look, as Logan looks up to his 'ol buddy.

EDIT: Here's another test shot of Eve that I just discovered while hunting for something else.

It's an okay look. Maintains the light armour feel. I think I was trying to make Eve's hair resemble Libby's. But, yeah, the hell, I drew her shoulders way too low... what happened there...?

That's that. I'm outta art. Tomorrow: I'm not sure yet! I'll come up with something. Stay tuned.


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