Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day Four-Ninety-Four: Prep work

The plan is set. I will have my way out. Sorta.

Watching the walls from my home with Eve at my side - I'm not much use helping out, after all - I sat up late last night, mulling over the problem of escape. Evangelina and Harold have their own obligations, overseeing the troops and keeping the people of Pubton calm, and though I should be helping them… this seems more important.

I finally came up with an idea near midnight, after watching a mass bombardment of cannonballs rain down on one section of the wall. It's not the best plan, but it'll have to do.

"Diversion? You're right. That's not the best plan."

Daena planted her hands on her ever-moving hips, obviously sceptical. She's been the coordinator of the defences situated around the ruins of the Matriarch, both ordering around those who've taken shelter inside the dome and taking extreme-accuracy pot shots at the encroaching Non. One of the workers set up a complex series of periscopes that allow Daena to direct cannon fire in almost any direction, and she's put them to good use so far.

Watching as Celine gave orders to her ninjas off to one side of Daena's tree, I shrugged. "Not much choice. I need to get out there. A diversion… of sorts… would really help."

"Well… what kind of diversion?"

I explained.

Daena's eyes shot open, despite being dragged down by heavy, dark bags. I can tell she hasn't been sleeping well since Jeffrey's trial, and constant combat hasn't help. "No. No. I won't do it. You're insane. Insane!"

Celine danced by, singing 'Insane, insane, Mud's insane in the brain'.

"No, no, see, it'll work. I won't be in much danger this way, even if it sounds like I will. I mean -"

"NO!" Daena bellowed emphatically. I've never heard such a deep noise erupt from her refined noggin. "This is lunacy! This is absolute lunacy! You are my best friend's husband, and I absolutely REFUSE -"

"Jeffrey will live."

Daena stopped yelling. She stared at me with such intensity, such utter preoccupation, that I swear her legs slowed down for a moment. They have never changed speed in all the time I've known Daena, not once.

"If we get through this, the trial will continue. Pagan's planning on executin' Jeffrey if he's guilty." I met her eyes, though it was tough. Real tough. "He will be guilty. But if you do this for me, I'll make sure Jeffrey lives."

Daena's lips curled. "Y… you don't… know that… he'll… be…"

Celine danced by again, this time singing 'He's guilty, he's guilty, we pronounced him guilty'.

I motioned to the little girl, who was already back with her ninjas, and waited for a response.

So that's that. Jeffrey (who, by the way, is still locked in Pagan's manor, though not under guard) will live. One way or another, I'll keep the nutball alive. And in exchange…

In exchange, Daena creates a diversion. You might even call it a reverse diversion. And I, well, I'll be throwing myself into one of the most dangerous situations I've ever faced.

I'm spending the night with Eve. Just the two of us. We're trying to ignore what's happening outside, both of us (well, I assume both of us) praying that each moment will not be our last.

Hold out, June. Keep the Non at bay. I'm coming. And when I get there, you'd better be in the mood to bargain.


Dragomir the Co-Mayor


  1. "She's been he coordinator"

    add a T to "The"

    Not your fault Matt, happens sometimes when you're rapidly typing out sheer AWESOME onto the site XD

    1. I'd appoint an editor, but you guys seem to do just fine in that regard.