Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Four-Ninety-Seven: Or I'll blooooow your house down/in

Amazing how much ground you can cover when you're feeling motivated. And there's no better motivation than the impending doom of your friends.

I reached the foothills of the mountain 'round dinnertime. I was, as is common for this week, exhausted - but the fear of shadows was more pressing, and I ignored the pain in my arms and legs in favour of stealthy crouching. I'd reached the Non camp.

After days of watching them fruitlessly pummel the walls, we estimated that there were maybe three dozen Non attacking Pubton. I multiplied that number by twenty, at my most pessimistic, to calculate how many Non would be attacking Pubtwon. Hell, I wondered if there might be a small strike force, at most, perhaps smaller than the attackers of Pubton.

Such was not the case. There are easily over a thousand Non hunkered down on the periphery of Pubtwon, and probably closer to two thousand. They've turned the outskirts of the mining settlement into a base of sorts, congregating in large groups that sit and watch as their peers batter at the barrier protecting Pubtwon.

The shield that covered Pubton was big. Pretty big. Or at least it looked big to me, from inside. Truth is, though, that Pubton at the time was not a huge town. It didn't require an enormous shield. The mountain is a HELL of a lot bigger -

- and that's reflected in the size of its barrier. This thing stretches from the base of the mountain to the tip and over the other side. The Non, not numerous enough to coat the barrier like they did before, seem to form into a massive, angry wave whenever they attack, sliding up the side of the barrier and concentrating their physical barrages on select points. They look like a gigantic leech, suckered onto a dog's leg.

The Non haven't erected any tents or temporary buildings I can use to hide, so when I came within sight of the camp I kept my distance. It took several hours, and the fall of night, to reach the edge of their army - and now I'm a long way away from my destination, June's cave.

There were a LOT of Non looking up at June's cave. Doc must have reported its location the moment he got back to his shady masters. It's sitting open, plain as day, so I suspect that June gave up the subterfuge when the Non arrived.

I'm hunkered between two mountains at the moment, in a narrow valley that appears to be safe from prying eyes. I'm chewing on a bit of walrus jerky as I write. I never had much of a taste for the stuff, but we've got a surplus in Pubton right now. A merchant fled on Thursday, leaving a great deal of product behind, when he heard about the impending attack.

Waste not, want not. If he ever comes back, we'll pay him for the jerky. We're not… jerks.

Ha ha.

Get it?




It's been a long while since I tried to tell a joke. I guess I'm still pretty bad at it.

Tomorrow I continue to creep along the edge of the barrier. I'm hoping to spot one of June's ensorcelled lackeys - or that one of them will spot me. That'll be enough to get me some kind of audience with the witch… even if she follows through with her threat and breaks my limbs.

Gods. If this is successful…

If it works…


What's he going to do?


Dragomir the Co-Mayor

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