Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Four-Ninety-Six: Battle lines

Shit. Walking. I'd forgotten how long a slog it is from Pubton to Pubtwon. If I'd remembered I might have somehow worked a cart and a horse into my damned escape plan.

Despite the state of panic in Pubton, the path is relatively peaceful. The Non have split into two independent groups, and they're operating somewhat autonomously from one another. One force is keeping Pubton at bay, the other is working on Pubtwon. I might question the Non being at the mountain at all…

… but the closer I get, the more obvious it is that there's an enormous white barrier surrounding Pubtwon. It looks quite similar to the one that defended Pubton in the winter, though even from a distance I can tell it's considerably stronger. It must be, given how much area it covers… and the fact that it's probably been up for over a week. There's no sign of it dulling or going purple just yet.

The path isn't completely safe. Though they've taken some pains to hide in the darkness during the day, the Non out here have no compunctions moving around during daylight. No less than three times I had to hide in the tall grass as an enormous Non avian, whatever you want to call them, swooped away from the mountain and headed for Pubton. And vice versa.

Remember, I said 'somewhat' autonomously. I guess armies still need to pass messages back and forth. I wonder what they're saying? I wonder if the majority of Non even speak English…

Nevertheless, the walk is relatively speedy, despite having to go on foot. The trail to Pubtwon is well-worn, and the plain is so flat that I'll easily be able to spot Non in the distance before they can see me. (They kinda stand out.) I have no fear of taking the easy road, and I doubt the Non are assaulting Pubtwon directly anyway. I bet they'll want to get at the little side entrance where June's hunkered down. I don't need to talk to her - just one of the workers she's got under her control.

What I'll do if she accepts my help… or when… hell. I dunno. I'll figure that out when I get there, I guess.

What worries me most is running into Kierkegaard. I haven't met a TON of Non, but the ones I have seem more interested in fulfilling their objectives than outright killing people. Hell, that Lord B.T. dude, who MUST be a Non, or at least an ally, seemed obsessed with keeping me FROM danger. For all I know I could walk into their midst and be perfectly safe. Captured, but safe.

But Kierkegaard… no. I've seen him. I've fucking seen him. If he catches me… he'll make a show of me. I'll never get away from him again. I'm not even sure how I got away last time. I can't meet him, or I'm fucked.

And he'll be here. I just know he'll be at the mountain. He likes to be in the thick of things… and he's not ready for Pubton. Not until he's got his grubby little hands on that fucking lock. And I don't even know what the lock IS! Or what it does! This whole situation confuses. There's a gap in my knowledge as grand as the fucking Grand Chasm.

I need to sleep. I walked all day on less water than I would've preferred. I'm exhausted. I hope it rains a bit tonight - I could use hydration.


Dragomir the Co-Mayor

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