Friday, August 2, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes, Part Five.

The break draws to a close! Fun times. This is your last chance to (conveniently) skip back and read the end of Dragomir's Diary, season two. You know how it's done.

Today's post is supposed to be about what's to come for everybody's favourite guard-turned-mayor-turned-who knows. Problem is, I can't think of much I've thus created which won't ultimately wind up as a spoiler. CONSEQUENTLY, you get concept art of characters whose appearances won't spoil a hell of a lot...

... yes, Traveller's gonna show up in this season, at long last...

... and you get the solemn vow that I will continue to deliver Drago-madness from beginning to end. I've gone to lengths to ensure that you won't have to read about such exciting topics as farming and building convents this time, and I think you'll all be pleased. Hopefully.


That not enough? Okay, here's some more art I dug up.

I'm pretty sure this is Grayson's first character sheet. He was a much fatter baby, and he looked a bit more impish as a boy. I wish I'd stuck with this hairstyle, but, no, of course I didn't.

My first stab at colour Dragomir! I did this a long-ass time ago. I kinda like the pixelated colour scheme I had in mind, but that colouring... it's just sloppy. (I do miss that armour, though.)

This was a background image for the days of 'Libertine's Diary'. I can't remember if I ever actually used this one or not. (Should probably bring back background images, for that matter. The banner looks a little lonely.)

In case anybody wondered, Plato was originally (and still is!) the mascot of a site I run with my girlfriend called Weird Stuff We Found Online. She actually drew the first iteration of Plato, and I cleaned him up. At any rate, I used to draw a rather terrible webcomic for the site called 'A Day in the Life of Plato', wherein he'd constantly suffer the slings and arrows of, well, a shitty life. 

This is also where Kierkegaard got his start. He's always been an asshole.

The last 'comic' I did for this rather terrible series was this merger of Plato the Platypus and Plato the Philosopher. Judge as ye will.

I love Plato. And Kierkegaard. They're both fun to draw and write. Do they fit well into the Drago-universe? I think so, but time will tell.

This last picture is one I've sat on for a loooooong time, but given the circumstances of the end of the first season I couldn't show it then. ORIGINALLY, Dragomir was not supposed to die. Eve was going to straight-up save him and get swallowed by the 'things' coming out of the door. The last thing Dragomir would've seen is her smile as she got (as far as he knew) brutally murdered.

Then I changed it. This never happened. I still like the picture, even if it's rough and badly-drawn. It's a sweet little peek at Eve's inner nature.

That's it. I've run outta stuff I can show you. (There are more pictures, obviously, but... spoilers. You know how it is.) When next we meet, Dragomir's Diary season three will begin. 'til Monday!



  1. Talking about Firefly/Serenity, I realized that I consistently love the girls who have inordinate amounts of killing ability. It's not just Eve, but she's still badass and wonderful.

  2. Loved the finale to Season Two, and loved the finale to Season One, but WHO THE HELL WEARS GREEN WITH A FRILLY WHITE COLLAR!? GAH! THAT'S UGLIER THAN THE OMEGA CORPS AND THEIR ARM-DRAPES! (After re-reading the appearance of the guy who was nice to Jeffrey).

    1. This guy.

      I designed him to be dumb because he is dumb. Appearance suits personality in this case.

      Man. I forgot about the arm drapes. It's been so long.

    2. Oh man, I had forgotten about that guy...GAH! Just the clothes alone make him annoying! XD