Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Five-Hundred-Nine: A List Among Lists

Evangelina's obsessed with getting Dragomir out into the open, and, to be honest… I understand. Even though I've tried to focus on other things - the return of Grylock, for one, which ended in a drunken tirade about which I'd rather not speak - I, too, would like to see our lord and leader back in action, rather than hiding in the shadows.

So we held a meeting, Evangelina and I. We've decided to force Dragomir out of hiding by presenting him with a long list of evidence, postulations, and possible conclusions. This evidence will be tailored towards discovering what, exactly, the last of the co-mayors is up to. Included are many things we have not previously discussed in this diary.

(Flipping back a few hundred pages, I see that Dragomir likes to write lists. I'm glad to be joining in such a proud tradition.)

- Ever since the Non departed, Dragomir and Libby have remained silent.
- Moreover, they've confided only in Plato, a relative stranger to Pubton.
- Dragomir has been spotted, with Plato, travelling into the woods surrounding Pubton. They have rebuffed companionship on many occasions…
- … and anyone who attempts to follow them is unsuccessful in their tracking. This includes Princess Celine, who has become renowned as a spy and information broker.
- (And while we're on the subject, we want Dragomir to ask Celine to stop spying on people.)
- Plato bears a slight resemblance to Kierkegaard, a Non agent now known to have at least partially manipulated the former King Jeffrey. There is some gestural evidence that Plato knows Kierkegaard. It is possible that the platypus is also a Non agent, and is using Dragomir for nefarious ends.
- Dragomir previously wrote in this diary that June, the witch who took temporary control over Pubtwon, rendered her slaves mute - until such a time that she would use them to speak. Evangelina has verified that witches are capable of this. Dragomir and Libby have both refused to speak. Coincidence?
- Large sections of the forest have gone missing, and residents report the sounds of falling trees.
- Residents also report construction sounds underground, inside the rat warrens. As the rat warrens have been blocked off since the uprooting of the remains of the golden tree, we do not know what this signifies.
- Lord Pagan has reported requests for books from his library. According to Robert the Librarian, Dragomir sought maps of the Imperium, as well as guides on the construction of sea-faring vessels. He would not say what these books are for. We must conclude that he is planning to build a ship and sail somewhere.
- One of the Non killed Dragomir's daughter, Eve. Nevertheless, Dragomir is reported to have spoken to the head of his daughter - and the head spoke back. The remains of her body were never found.
- Dragomir has not created a shrine, memorial, or even a gravestone for his daughter. We must conclude that Eve is not actually dead, and that Dragomir may be setting out on a journey to look for her. Alternatively, Dragomir is searching for a way to bring his daughter back to life, and he refuses to bury her body in the meantime.
- We are tired of the silence, and want our co-mayor back. Please.

That last point is not evidence, but it is a conclusion. I plan on using it. Maybe it will warm Dragomir's heart.

At any rate, Evangelina and I are going to gather as many people as we can and stage a bit of an intervention at Dragomir's home. With enough public pressure, I'm confident that he'll cave and tell us what's going on. Even a short public speech on the subject is better than nothing.

Confident that this will work,

Harold the Co-Mayor

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