Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day Five-Hundred-Nineteen: Objects may be larger than they appear

My gods… how… how big can it get…?

In the last three days I've made a point of checking on Libby every hour. Daena's a wonder, and she is kinda stuck in one spot all the time, but I can't expect her to forever focus on Libby. I'm the husband, and as the husband I need to attend to my duties as well as my wife.

Libby is getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger. I swear her belly had grown a teensy bit larger each time I saw her, and when I finally bade her farewell for the night, I had difficulty spotting her head over the swell of her stomach. It's huge.

Libby isn't taking it well, as you can imagine. She's incapacitated and groggy, but even in that state, she's freaking out. I'm glad there are no knives in the Matriarch… or if there are, I'm glad Libby isn't able to fetch any of them. Her stomach has pretty much pinned her to the ground.

She might have been right. Maybe she can only give birth to… you know… abnormal babies. I'll still love whatever comes out of her in the end, but… gah. Babies.

All this makes me sincerely wonder whether the trip in the Dauphine is a good idea.

Ever since the battle against the Non, as well as the revelation that the Eve living here was some old man in disguise, I've been longing for the opportunity to get on the road. Iko is a long, long way from here, and we have a lot of ground to cover in as short a time as we can manage. The thing in my hands… hell, I don't even know what to call it… it's practically itching to get out and do some good.

Or wreak some havoc. Not sure which phrase is more apt.

But imagine this. On average, Libby takes a few weeks after pregnancy to give birth. As far as I know, Grayson was in her tummy longer than Eve, though I'm honestly not sure about that. Either way, I'd say two months tops. Two months of pregnancy - and in this case, it's pregnancy with a stomach that keeps growing like a balloon. If this doesn't stop, we won't even be able to fit Libby in the Dauphine. That's a purely logistical concern.

And what about her health? Libby has significant trouble moving around at this point. In a few more days she'll be totally incapacitated. What will happen if we try to cart her into our transport? Will it hurt her? Or the baby? And what will the constant motion do to her? Could she, gods forbid, pop?

I won't leave Libby alone. Where she goes, I go… and where she stays, I stay. So… unless something changes… the Dauphine might not be going anywhere. Not right now.

Fuck you, Iko, for so many things. Most of all for living on the other side of the world.

Yeah. I… I guess we're… not going anywhere. Not until we know more. I'm hoping to get a doctor into Pubton to see Libby, so… hopefully… that'll happen soon.

My family is so messed up.


Dragomir the Wanderer (or not)

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