Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day Five-Twenty-Two: He's the king of the world

Man. Despite my reservations about the… company… yesterday, this place is badass. I mean it is badASS.

The Dauphine is enormous. It doesn't look it when you're jammed in the tight corridors, but, yeah, there's a lot of space in this bucket of cogs. Libby designed it for a long-ass trip, and you can tell. It's built to accommodate a lot of people for a long, long time. I bet this baby could make three trips around the world without needing an overhaul. (Though don't quote me on that when it breaks down. 'cause I bet it will. Those sails up front look awful flimsy in the wind.)

Lemme give you a brief tour, oh diary mine. Still feels weird talking to you like this… but… yeah. Tour time.

We begin with the bottom deck, known formally as Engineering. Engineering is where we enter and exit the Dauphine, a few emergency doors aside. All the machinery that makes this baby run is down here. There's a constant grind of cogs and wheels and metal shit when the Dauphine is in motion, leading to a looooot of noise. You feel a bit deafened whenever you visit Engineering. Libby's workbenches are down here, so I suspect she'll be perpetually half deaf once she's had the baby and gets back to work.

Up a flight of stairs, somewhere near the midsection of Engineering, is the middle deck. Edmund called it 'Subsistence', and I kinda like the ring of that, so it's stuck. Subsistence is where we go to sleep, to eat, to clean, to do all the stuff we need to do to keep feeling like human beings. We even have soapy buckets for washing our hair and bodies, which Libby says she installed to make sure I clean myself. I guess I stink. No news to me. Subsistence is also now the home of the Neo Beefiary, commanded by Bora, which will soon have a plaque commemorating my brother. The name was his idea, after all.

Up another flight of stairs you find the top deck, also known as Command. This is where we steer the Dauphine, make plans, and do all sorta official shit. Command is ringed by windows, so you can see in all directions around the Dauphine, and it leads to a little observation deck for long-distance viewing. There are cables connected to Command and the observation deck for raising or lowering the sails.

And the best part? We not only managed to fit Daena's tree into the Dauphine, but Libby rigged it up so it's on a lift. It can move from deck to deck, and clamps into place when Daena's ready to settle in. Libby didn't want Daena to feel like we were using her only for her powerful pedalling, and, now, we aren't. She's as much a part of the crew as anybody else.

… 'specially since she moves the thing. But, you know.

All in all, the Dauphine is, like I said, badass. There's so much more to it than I even mentioned, and every little tidbit only adds to its awesomeness. Libby outdid herself in designing this thing, she really did.

Tomorrow: I get a sense of the mood of the crew. I know most of 'em are still confused as to WHY we've set out, and I'd better supply 'em with answers before they go squirrely on me.


Dragomir the Wanderer

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