Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day Five-Eighty-Eight: What were we up to again?

I honestly expected Libby to remove a few more of my teeth when I got back to the Dauphine. As a start. I mean, we've all been missing for the better part of two weeks. Including her relatively newborn son. 

But I was surprised.

She did not remove my teeth.

When I got back to the Dauphine.

She, uh... well, she did the punching when we popped out of the remains of the ghosty house. Turns out Libby and the rest of the crew came looking for us and rolled right over it. Beats aplenty.

(She is happy we're home, though. I'm not allowed to take Fynn anywhere again ever, but she's glad we're home. She just expresses her relief through brutality. I can live with that.)

I haven't told Libby about Grayson just yet. I don't think she's ready to know that he's out here, potentially still in this jungle, potentially plotting my gruesome demise. I've no doubt he wants to steal Libby away, and my wife... well, there's not much she can do about it right now, so I'd rather not put her through the trauma. She was freaky enough after her confrontation with Grayson during the attack on Pubton.

That doesn't concern me the most right now, though. What really concerns me is the ease with which Grayson managed to capture us all. One minute, traipsing through the jungle; the next, shunted into fog and held hostage for two weeks. It was way too easy for him.

We're not a useless crew. We can do things. But none of us are capable of countering magic like Grayson's. Hell, even June has a one-up on us, and I bet Grayson's stronger than her by now. We need some kinda advantage against magical power...

... and the only thing I can think of is hiding in my hands. That power.

I try not to talk about it much, the burning red. It makes me twitchy to even consider it. How do you reconcile the fact that you've got a highly-powerful weapon hiding in your arms? One that you can't control, one that somehow got there through means you can't possibly imagine? It's a touchy-ass subject with me. Yet it's also one of the major reasons I'm going on this trip, because Iko... that asshole...

Well. Anyway. I can't wait out the entire trip, just sitting on the potential of my weapon thinger, without trying to control it. So... I guess... I guess I'll spend the next little while working on bringing it out. And I think I know a few people who can help me.

At any rate, the Dauphine is on the move again. Libby and her crew managed to wedge it free of the mud thanks to some excavation work performed by the Hypermole, which I did not even know was onboard. Libby built it into the side of our great machine. Will wonders never cease?


Dragomir the Wanderer

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