Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Five-Ninety-One: Suicide Watch

Jeffrey the king. Jeffrey the prisoner. Jeffrey the father. Jeffrey the wanderer. Jeffrey...


I don't know what it is that allows me to see... things. Things that haven't happened. And I don't know why I was hit with an image of such clarity last week. All I know is that Jeffrey was going to get himself killed, and I stopped him.

He was going to die. He was going to let Plato kill him. He would've turned Plato into a murderer. I can speculate why - hell, the reasons why Jeffrey may no longer want to live are pretty obvious - but... but he seemed to be doing so well. Why this sudden, selfish turn?

Maybe it was spur-of-the-moment. Maybe he didn't think about it at all. Maybe Jeffrey's body pushed him into it, not knowing or caring about the consequences. 

Yeah. And maybe he's being mind controlled by Kierkegaard from a thousand miles away. I have no idea why Jeffrey did why he did. Point is, this is a worrying development, and one I'll have to keep an eye on.

Nor will I be alone. I decided not to tell Daena about Jeffrey's brush with mortality, as she's a bit... emotional, about such things, but I did go to his daughter. Celine has a penchant for remaining balanced and detached about almost everything, and I figured she could be counted on to keep an eye on her father. (And no, I didn't tell her about, uh, seeing the future. Or whatever. That'd be awkward.)

Turns out... hell, turns out Celine's already been watching her father. Ever since Grylock's pranks against Jeffrey, the ex-monarch has spent his alone time brooding. He may put on a brave face to everybody else, but Jeffrey's apparently been caught by Celine in a number of questionable positions:

- She found him with one leg over the edge of the observation post at the top of the Dauphine
- She stopped him when he 'accidentally' tripped and almost fell into the churning gears in Engineering
- She spotted Jeffrey fiddling with a butcher's knife in the kitchen, though nothing came of it
- She found him with a pillow on his face during one of his naps - he claimed the light from the porthole was bothering him, even though he was sleeping in the middle of the night
- And she once noticed Jeffrey trying to mouth off to Libby about the quality of her workmanship, which, I must admit, is tantamount to suicide

Regardless, I'm glad that Celine's keeping an eye on her dad. Celine and her ninja crew. Makes me wonder if she watched Plato and I risking his life on Thursday and Friday, but, what can ya do. Everyone watches everyone in this bucket of bolts.

Speaking of the Dauphine, we're in a bit of a rut. We cleared the jungle last week, true, and were back on track - only to be bombarded by the onset of winter. The snow fell last night, absolutely burying our home away from home, and we spent most of today digging the Dauphine out. We're moving again now, but there's more snow than anticipated, and the going is slow. Damned white crap keeps clogging up the gears.

Libby's dedicating most of her time to keeping us at a reasonable pace, which means I have to keep a closer eye on Fynn this week. Consequently, you'll be hearing a lot about my enormous son. Stay tuned, o diary mine, stay tuned.


Dragomir the Wanderer

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