Monday, December 16, 2013

Day Five-Ninety-Six: Next Gen

Well, that's that. My boy's all growed up. Kinda.

After enduring the quick transition of both Eve and Grayson to adolesence, Fynn's jump isn't that much of a shocker. I kinda expected he wouldn't stay a baby for too long, what with his ridiculous growth spurt, and I wasn't disappointed.

Unlike Grayson, my second son's personality has not changed drastically between infancy and boyhood. He might be speaking now, but Fynn is every bit as cheerful and spastic and friendly as you'd expect. Hell, he's still something of a crybaby -  when I told him not to eat so much ice cream at breakfast this morning he threw a temper tantrum and had to be hauled off to his room to cool down. Not easy to do when your son is as tall as you and a fair bit stronger.

Which, of course, brings us to the subject of Fynn's, er, strangeness. You know, the whole lifting-up-the-Dauphine-which-probably-weighs-more-than-a-packet-of-peanuts strangeness. Difficult to forget that.

I get the feeling that Fynn is somewhere between his sister and his brother. Eve is a ridiculous brute, but displays no real aptitude in magic. Grayson, by contrast, could whirl entire armies around by conjuring up wind - but hand him a heavy bowl to lift and you'll see sweat standing out on his brow. 

Fynn... Fynn is strong. There's no denying that. Today I watched him lift a skid full of barrels, unaided, with one hand. He struggled a teensy bit, though, and I think he would've been more comfortable with two hands. (Kid likes to show off. Kinda like his mom.) Clearly he can't lift something as large as the Dauphine without some amplifying aid...

... hence, magic. Or that brownish aura he exuded. Whatever you wanna call it, that, I believe, is what did the trick. Without that, Fynn is just abnormally strong. Not Eve level, but strong. With it, though... who knows what he's capable of. And maybe he can do things like Grayson, as well, like... um... making you excessively angry at your wife...?


Let's just hope he can't do that.

At any rate, Fynn remains a favourite 'mongst the crew. I couldn't hide his feat of power from anyone, and they warmly thanked him while admiring his new grown-up stature. Even Libby seems okay with what happened, though, er, she does seem to be throwing more sideways glances at Fynn. Hope she doesn't freak out about him too much.

All that aside, the journey continues. The snow isn't so bad as it was last week, and with Fynn as backup muscle we can get out of any sudden jams. We're all feeling a whole lot cheerier, and I plan on capitalizing on that cheeriness with a happy event that I think everyone's forgotten about. Maybe it'll help me forget all the shit that's happened in the last few weeks.

Yeah. I'm looking at you, weird diary. Don't think I've forgotten about those legs.


Dragomir the Wanderer

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