Friday, December 27, 2013

Day Six-Hundred-Five: A Genial Chat

Today's highlight was a simple back-and-forth between two aggrieved parties. Might as well write it as such. (And maybe turn it into a short play. That intense, it was.)

Jeffrey: H... hello, Grylock.

Grylock: Greetings, stutterin' wonder. Have a seat.

Jeffrey: These chairs are kind of... small.

Grylock: So'm I. Ye'll make do.

Dragomir: I'll just sit on the floor. I've broken a few of these already.

Grylock: Indeed ye have, you great fatass.

Jeffrey: Ah. That's... that's real comfy.

Grylock: Aye. No doubt ye sat in one while servin' tea and crumpets to your big dolly back home. Remember that, Dragomir? Logan told me aaaaall about his mannequin fetish. Cold nights while yer missus is latched to a tree, and all that. Wonder if the doll had all the right hol -

Dragomir: That's enough, Grylock. No need to dig up shit like that.

Jeffrey: It's... it's okay. Let him say his peace. Even if it's disgusting.

Grylock: Oho! Big man. Can appreciate that much, at least. Willin' to take his due licks. 'course that also makes ye a spineless, worthless dog, but ye canna please everyone.

Jeffrey: I know. And I apologize for that. I... I learned pretty early on that pleasing everyone is impossible.

Grylock: So ye set out to please only yourself? Smooth strategy. Makes me wanna piss on yer head.

Dragomir: Don't worry, Jeff, I've made sure he hasn't had anything to drink yet today. No pissing to be had.

Grylock: Better hope you're right 'bout that, Dragomir, or I'm liable to hit ye next. Not that ye need my help when it comes to fouling your britches with urine.

Dragomir: Oh, shut up. Jeffrey, I think you had somethin' you wanted to say to Grylock?

Jeffrey: ... yes.

Dragomir: 'n Grylock? You wanted to talk to Jeff, here?

Grylock: Surely did.

Dragomir: Well. One of you, go on, then.

Jeffrey: I'll go first.

Grylock: Selfish to the last.

Jeffrey: I... I'm... I'm sorry, Grylock. So, so sorry. I never should have stuck you up in that tower, nor should I have bared your behind to the winter cold. That was reckless and selfish of me.

Grylock: Don't forget havin' Dragomir, here, bug the shit outta me for a full week. 'n nearly gettin' us both killed by mammoths. Wasna too keen on that either.

Jeffrey: Er... yes. Also those things. I am truly, deeply sorry to both of you. And... Grylock, if there's anything I can do... or if there's anything you wanna do to me... um... I throw myself at... your... wrath. Your considerable wrath.

Grylock: ...

Jeffrey: Unrestrained. Do... do anything. I... my life, is... forfeit. If you wish.

Grylock: ...

Dragomir: Oh, hells, not this again.

Jeffrey: Really. If... if that's what you want, you can take that poisonheart of yours -

Grylock: Shut up.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Grylock: You're a married man.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Grylock: Shut up. I'm talkin' now. You just listen.

Jeffrey: ...

Grylock: You're a married man. Ye have two children. Yer wife's stuck in a tree, yer daughter hangs out with assassins, 'n your son... ye have no idea where your son is, do you? Not a damned clue.

Dragomir: You can't blame him for Logan running off -

Grylock: OF COURSE I FUCKIN' CAN! Who else should I blame?! Why aren't you looking for yer son right now, you twat? That should be your number one priority! Instead you're out cavortin' with this floppy-hatted asshole -

Dragomir: Hey!

Grylock: - gettin' lost and havin' adventures and tryin' to get others to kill ye so you won't have to commit suicide yerself! Don't think I'm blind, ye great git! I've seen ye temptin' death dozens of times! Ye blame yourself for all the world's ills, and ye think the best way to get out of it is to see yourself offed! Well you know what, King Fuckin' Jeffrey? That is not the way out of this!

Jeffrey: ...

Dragomir: ...

Grylock: Ack... cough... I'm too old for this shit. Strainin' my voice. Ye deserve it, though. Ye deserve every tongue lashin' ever known to goblin or man or orc or creepy-crawlin' nasty ever to leap out of a hole in the ground. Ye're scum, Jeffrey, and ye'll remain scum 'til you do right by your son and bring him home. Everyone else forgettin' Logan, I can understand; his own family... that's just not right.

Dragomir: They did look for him, in fairness. Jeff's told me they searched the Imperium for several months in the Matriarch. They only turned 'round 'cause their ride was falling apart.

Grylock: I don't care. If the Matriarch falls apart, ye turn it into carts and get some horses. If the carts break down, ye ride the horses. If the horses die, ye walk. If ye break yer legs, ye crawl. If yer arms go numb, ye beg for help where you lay. Ye don't ever stop until ye've found yer son again. No turning around, no giving up, and no fucking killing yourself. Won't find me doing the deed, either. Hell, I'll make sure ye don't die from now on, 'cause ye deserve to face Logan's judgement. Expirin' before that happens is cowardly.

Dragomir: ...

Jeffrey: ...

Grylock: Get out of here, both of ye. My throat hurts. I want a nap before I go drinkin' tonight.

And drink he will. Grylock's been released from imprisonment. Daena's not happy about it, but Jeffrey insists that he rejoin the rest of the crew. From now on, he, Jeffrey, and anyone who's willing to help will search for signs of Logan in any settlements we cross. Sounds like Grylock's been doing it already, but the more hands we have, the better.

Grylock's right, too. Jeffrey should've been looking for Logan. We all should've been looking. Best we rectify that wrong.


Dragomir the Wanderer

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