Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Six-Hundred-Sixteen: Long time, no write




It's been a while, diary. Does he still call you 'diary'? I always thought that was adorable. And maybe a little gay. But he's married, so, hell, he can't be gay. Not manly. Right? I'd be surprised if Dragomir even knows what 'gay' is. Probably figures it's a fruit.

Which... it kind of is? Ha ha, wordplay.

Anyway. Hello! It's Logan! I'm back! Sort of! Maybe for a little while! I haven't really decided. Hadn't planned on rejoining everyone, but they had to go and get in heaps of shit... sigh.

Looks like that brown-skinned chick (pretty hawt!) explained the week from her perspective. Now that I've stolen Dragomir's diary, perhaps I'll have a go at my side of the story.

Nagi and I - that's my partner, the formidable Ms. N - have spent the last... oh... ten months? Eleven? Plundering. We steal stuff. I know, I know, I should find a more eloquent way to put that, given I'm a former prince and all, but it's true. We steal stuff! We run scams, we sucker suckers, we nab anything that isn't nailed down and sell it to the highest bidder. I have more money than should be legally allowable stuffed into my tiny coin purse.

Seriously. There's thousands of gold in the thing. It should be bursting at the seams. The physics of this world boggle.

We got word of an enormous, roaming transport maybe three months ago, and I knew at once it was Libertine's work. Under The Baron's influence or not, I recognized back home that she was a mechanical genius the moment she carted out the Matriarch. Doesn't surprise me at all that she's put together a rolling town in the Dauphine. My gods, it's beautiful.

Did I ever wanna see it? No. No I did not. If I'd wanted to see the Dauphine, I would have tracked it down earlier. I would not have run off in the first place. Life on the road has been great; returning to my family... my dad... was not on my priority list. So when I first spotted my kid sister roaming Trademore, I decided to skip town. Immediately, pronto, tout suite. Get the hell OUTTA there.

That's when Dragomir got caught. Best friend, snagged by bounty hunters. You don't run out on that, you know? You just don't. I owe that dude a lot, if only 'cause he treated me like a normal person. I owed him.

Despite Nagi's protests - girl's even more selfish than I am - we tracked down my sis, rejoiced briefly at the reunion, and settled on a plan. Hunt down the hunters, spring the captives, and part ways again. Celine wasn't happy at the prospect of me running off with a strange half-snake person, but she agreed to the idea. I'd help her and she wouldn't tell a soul about it.

Yep. Good plan. Solid.

'cept there was a hitch. We also needed to spring my dad. Imprisoned, because he looks like me. Celine insisted that she couldn't do it alone. I know better - she can do whatever the hell she puts her mind to - but dammit all, she insisted. So when I broke into dad's cell on Thursday, he fucking saw me.

The shame. Oh my lords, the shame in his eyes. I felt so miserably justified.

Mom would've killed me had she known I'd run off again. She would find me and run me over with her ride. I didn't have a damned choice. Friggin' Celine, she knew exactly how to bring me back into the fold.

Soooo... yeah. Nagi and I led everyone out of Trademore, and... now... we're on the Dauphine. The pair of us have a cabin 'n everything.

People are throwing parties.

Grylock insists I drink with him, now that I'm old enough. 

Edmund - I barely know the guy! - keeps asking if I've 'tapped' Nagi. She's not a keg, for pity's sake.

Dragomir is absolutely, positively overjoyed at my return.

Dad can barely look me in the face.

Mom... mom slapped me. And hugged me. And kissed me. And cried.

There are so many emotions floating around... I can't leave. Last time I took off, I did it on a perfectly mundane day, knowing it wouldn't cause me any emotional scarring. This time... now... I can't.



Time to get caught up. Everyone's slinging stories at me 'bout the past two years so quickly that I can hardly keep up. Pubton... the witch... Dragomir's son... a dude called Pagan... the Non... The Baron... it's too damned much. Toooooo damned much.

At least I know Plato already. That's something. Guess he really was looking for Dragomir.


Logan the Thief

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