Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day Six-Twenty-Eight: Make me feel so good

I can't describe how it feels. Not... not accurately.

Pulling the lever, I mean.

It's not like a get a kick when nobody's walkin' the Neck, mind. Trust me, I've tried it. Lots. I'll pull that damned lever a dozen timers or more when I'm bored, just to get  a hint of the sensation. That warming, glowing light, as though the lady in white is smiling at me and all is right with the world.

She doesn't smile, though. Not 'til people are standin' on the Neck. Not 'til they're bein' chopped to itty bitty bits. And when that happens... oh! Oh, my dear gods!

I can't describe it.

But I'll try.

It's like... like staring at a rainbow.

Or pulling a prank on a colleague.

Or eating frosted trout.

Or skipping across a meadow in the nude.

Or having a long chat with an old friend about the most interesting subject in the world. So interesting you lose track of time.

Or mucking about with your thinger.


Or maybe it's like waking up one day and saying, 'Hey, guess what? This is the best damned day of my life. I'm gonna enjoy this day. I'm going to leave my house, walk onto my lawn, look at the world, and smile.' It's the conscious decision to be the happiest fucking bastard you've ever been, and no one could ever possibly stop you.

Even if you say all those things and want to cry. You still smile. You can't stop yourself, no matter how much you want to try.

It's something like that.

I told you I couldn't describe it. Not accurately.

But that's how I felt when Captain Cedric brought all those snake people onto the Neck. Apparently we're at war with them, too. Gonna be lots of tail chunks to clean out of the mechanisms.

It's real funny how these people are congregating together by species and attackin' our civil liberties. Real funny.


Dragomir the Executioner


  1. i'm torn. i'm kind of creeped out by this dragomir but, at the same time, the new art is SO CUTE! even if he does appear to be getting a bit...messier every day. i definitely like the pinkie-out way he's working that lever though.

    1. I was tempted to stick with this art, gotta be honest, but it doesn't really match the tone of the story at times. Nevertheless, I'll try to use it again in the future.