Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day Six-Twenty-Seven: The Joy of Killing

Captain Cedric brought me two batches of prisoners today. The first batch was your standard assortment of people; the second... the second I had a bit o' trouble with.

"Howdy, cap'n," I said, watching him stomp his way across the bridge. Walked right through the lady in white. I always wonder how he does that without mussin' up her veil.

"Shut your gob, witless." He pointed to the Neck, far below our feet. A group of shrouded prisoners was moving into place. "More to kill. Snap to it."

I peered over the ramparts at them. Though their faces were covered, I could tell their skin was not of the normal sort. All a distinct shade of green. "Huh. They sick?"

"What? What's it matter if they're sick? I don't care if they're sick. Go on, pull the damned lever."

"No, no. Look." I pointed to the nearest fellow, a thick-necked dude. "Green. All green."

Cedric rolled his eyes. "'course they're green. They're orcs."

"All of 'em?"

"Yes, all of 'em. What a stupid question. Next you'll be askin' why the sky's blue."

"Well, actually, I'd say it's more of a greyish colour..."

"Shut up!" Cedric slapped me hard. "Do your duty, soldier. Pull the lever."

I wrapped my fingers 'round the handle, applying the slightest bit of force. The Neck creaked... but it didn't activate.


He growled, scratching at his fuzz-free face. (Why I feel the need to point that out I have no idea.) "What? What what what? Stop stallin'!"

I couldn't help. I had to ask. "Why are we killin' a big bunch of orcs, cap'n?"

Cedric looked ready to pitch me over the wall and leave me to the elephants, but he held back his fury. Somehow. "We're at war with 'em. King says green's got to go."

"What, the colour?"

"Yes, yes, the damned colour! You questionin' our king?!"

"Well, no-"


So I did.

They aaaaaaall died. 

And like the rest, they were totally silent. I never get to hear their screams. 

Maybe that's for the best.

Oh, gods, help me, that felt so good


Dragomir the Executioner


  1. In context, this week has taken a really dark twist. Very intriguing!

  2. Hah Ha!
    They all died. :D