Monday, March 17, 2014

Day Six-Fifty-Six: And then things happened

Give me that damned diary back.

Yeesh. Almost as bad as when I died. It's not supposed to be a frigging communal journal, you know. My shit is private.

So. Uh, to recap. Because... everything that happened has been from a different point of view.

We got captured.

My son, my super-powerful son, was clamped in chains that repressed his magic. So he was no help.

We were taken to Rodentia.



To my rage, my wife was apparently tortured. 

We stewed in our cells for almost two weeks.

Celine freed us.

We escaped!

But the palace came down on our heads. 

We fled!

But we nearly ran right into the sloth. Maybe one block away from the thing. I soiled myself furiously.

As we hid in an alley, I watched it climb the palace walls...

... so slowly...

... and when it reached the top tier of the palace, it knocked the Micro-Dragon roost out of place with a single swipe of its claws. Just like that.

We fled again!

And, now, we are outside Rodentia. Escaped through one of the busted walls and hid in a barn. The city is a horrifying mess, panic reigns supreme, and the guards don't give two damns about a bunch of escaped convicts. Even if we do rumble around in an armed transport. We're model citizens compared to a sloth on the rampage.

But we have a problem! Because.... because now my wife is gone. The mother of my child. And though Logan has a good idea of where she probably is, he's not sure. So... we kinda have to take his word for it, and pray that he's right.

My life is too complex. Cripes.

Logan's life hasn't been too simple of late either, I hear. (And read.) He and Celine spent the last week skulking about the palace, trying to find and free us. For that I am eternally thankful. I am also forever in Logan's debt for saving Libby - the description of... what he found... how he found her... well, it makes me want to tear into some interrogators. Just a smidge. I seriously don't think I'd hold back if I met the ones responsible, assuming they're still alive. 

Logan last saw Libby flitting away atop a Micro-Dragon. The thing's destination appeared to be the large bank of clouds spread over the province of Rodentia. Normally this might seem like a normal flight - except the clouds here are linked to the Stalk of Rodentia. And that means the clouds can be traversed as though they were normal terrain.

The Stalk here is a little better than the Stalk of Cheem, from what we can see. There's lots of ice, yes, but it seems to be more coated in snow than slippery stuff. Logan thinks we can climb it before it thaws. And if he's right about Libby... well, we kinda have to. I'm not leaving without my wife.

Our team is splitting up. Most of the crew is returning to the Dauphine. It needs to be defended and repaired, and without Libby on board those repairs are gonna take a while. Meanwhile, Grylock, Logan, Jeffrey, Fynn, the orcish gypsy Antonio (he reunited us with Logan, fancy that) and myself will be attempting to climb the Stalk. Boy's day out, it will be.

And, uh, that's... that's the recap.

At least I'll have plenty of stories to tell my grandkids when I'm old.


Dragomir the Wanderer

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