Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day Seven-Hundred-Thirteen: Roll Call

Grylock got skewered by a big, black spike today. That seems to happen often. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, 'cause then I wake up and he's very much not skewered.

Gods but he complains a lot. I kinda wish he hadn't volunteered. He's such a little bitch when he's cranky. I hadn't realized how cranky he could get, but a shortage of moisture apparently makes goblins into whiny assholes. Moreso than they already are, even.

So... that's Grylock. How 'bout the rest of the crew?

Jeffrey's fine. He's toughing it out. He conserves energy during the day like the rest of us, but at night he likes to throw punches while we're walking. Keep in shape, y'know? I'm not too keen on the boxing stuff anymore, but he's really sticking to his lessons. Kinda makes me proud. So long as he doesn't use up extra water rations, anyway.

Traveller helps. He taught Jeffrey a few jab variations. I thought he might actually be intelligent 'til he tried to eat a live coyote. I believe he called it a 'furry burger with yellowsauce'. Whatever. Back to moron status with you.

The rat - whom I often completely forget is even here - jumps from Plato to Traveller and back to Plato. He looks worried. I don't know why. I suspect it has something to do with Iko, but the last time I tried to have a conversation with the thing it didn't really work. My diary seems to be broken as far as this rat's concerned. And, yes, it can somehow talk to Traveller, but I don't trust his translations. He's generally unreliable.

Nagi's annoying. She keeps complaining that there are no sand worms. I guess she figured that she might be able to wrangle one up to ease our travels. Apparently she guessed wrong. So much for her desert expertise.

Logan stares at Nagi's backside a lot. I have noticed this. Pervert. Other than that he looks really pale, and we have to stop a lot 'cause he tires out in the heat. Wussy pervert.

Plato slept on a big rock this morning. His back is all put out. You should see his tail. It's crooked as fuck. Why the hell does it have a 'W' on it, again...? Non are stupid.



Someone else is here. She's not memorable enough to mention right now. I think she called me Mud. T'hell with her. 

It's too hot to use my brain. The heat waves are oppressive. They're frying the inside of my skull. I bet if I got a mirror and peered into my ear I'd see a big lake of lava. Stupid lava.

Fuck this old man. He should live in a forest or a cave or an abandoned house like any other self-respecting hermit.

My hand hurts. I'm gonna nap.

Gods but it's hot out. 



  1. Seems like Grylock isn't the only one that's cranky.