Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day Seven-Hundred-Twelve: The joys of heat

holy balls it is hot

except when it is cold

why didn't anyone warn me that the desert would be bullshit

This is our second-and-a-half day of travel, and already we're pretty damned tired of the desert. We walk during the night; we sleep, feed, and quietly play board games during the day; we fight off desert creatures at whatever times desert creatures decide to come calling. This has to be one of the most unpleasant fucking places I have ever been.

It doesn't help that the dreams are getting worse. And weirder. Today I woke up after the weird fog killed my diary. THIS diary. How the hell do you kill a book? A mean, granted, I did wake up with tears on my face, but... still... you can't kill a book. That's... that's ludicrous.

I think.

I mean, I did also dream that the diary was telling me to leave, and not look back. Even if it meant... leaving it... locked...? I don't know what that means. 

Gods almighty, I sound crazy. This must be heat stroke. It's hot enough in this gods-be-damned tent to cook a full order of ostrich quiche.

Mmmmm, I could go for some quiche right now. So long as it was ice cold.

I spent a lot of last night and this morning talking to Plato. Or, uh, I tried to spend that time talking to Plato. He remained as fiercely evasive as ever. I was just asking how he knows where the hell we're goin'. You'd think he might have a few answers. But, no, he just shook his head and kept on walking, eyes on the sand. Probably should've looked up more often - he tumbled down quite a few dunes.

Only one person seems to be enjoying himself. Traveller. Fucking Traveller looooooves the desert.

"I REMEMBER THIS PLACE!" he suddenly proclaimed this morning, shortly before we stopped to set up camp. Skipping about gleefully, he ran over to a nearby cactus and hugged it. "I counted you! You were number five-hundred-and-something-or-other! Remember, Nagi?"

"I wasn't here," Nagi deadpanned. She tries to avoid Traveller whenever she can. DIfficult, given his amorous intentions to all things female.

Traveller ran over and grabbed her hand. "Yes you were! We walked around with that black guy until he went away! It was great! See, we had sex under that cactus."

Nagi shivered. "No, we didn't. I would never sleep with your hairy ass."

"But we did!" Traveller cocked his head. "And I think you had a duckbill! What happened to that?"

Plato shuddered so loudly that we all looked up. I never want to hear the story behind the comment.

We sleep. I pray I sleep so soundly that my subconscious forgets dreams are a thing that can happen to people.


Dragomir the Wanderer


  1. What? I'm caught up? NOOOOOOOO!

    1. Yes, you weren't thaaaaat far behind. Welcome back to the land of mere mortals.