Monday, October 26, 2015

Day Nine-Twenty-Eight: They all need to go daddy





The instincts dropped away for half a second, and as they did, Eve mentally gripped her own arms. She hurtled her daddy as far away from herself as she could, quashing, in the process, the urge to plunge her fist through his stomach. She knew she’d left a scar there before, and she didn’t want to scar him again. He landed somewhere in the distance, and though Eve wasn’t sure if he was alive or dead, she assumed he’d survived.





The instincts started to kick in again, and they impelled Eve towards the nearest target. She knew, despite how far she’d thrown him, that Dragomir was the nearest target. There was no debating that, no trying to reason otherwise, and with painful determination she forced her body to decide that he must be dead. He was already gone. There was no life to be drained from that floppy corpse.

Eve’s body hesitated, limbs gyrating unevenly. It seemed to consider the idea that its father was now gone, killed a second time. Then, accepting that idea, perhaps deciding it was less of a struggle to accept that idea, it twisted around… and pointed itself towards the nearest, greatest source of noise.

The last of the Nothings was little more than a twisted heap at this point. Eve had been working on it already, and its domed head bore thick scars from her brutal assault. Now, too, it was under attack by what remained of the Imperium’s forces, a thin line of bedraggled troops with ruined cannons and battered tanks. They fired at the Nothing, and it fired harpoons back at awkward angles, apparently unable to aim properly. They smashed into the ground well short of their targets. It wouldn’t be long before the Imperium cracked the Nothing’s face altogether.

Eve wanted it first.

Leaping atop the Nothing a second time - she’d abandoned her previous attack, because, oh, reasons, she couldn’t remember the reasons now, but there were reasons - she howled and slammed her fists into the metal. It shattered at once, like glass, raining shards of brittle armour down into the Nothing’s fragile innards. Eve descended with them, howling to herself, the urge to crush every moving thing into oblivion too strong to possibly ignore.

Her arms and legs pinwheeled. Cogs flew apart. Precious capsules exploded. Liquid oozed, coating Eve in a thick, black tar. She ignored it. Her muscles destroyed the Nothing from the inside out, even as it trembled from cannon fire striking its front. Then, with a mighty push of her legs, Eve propelled herself out the top of the Nothing, landing in front of the machine as it shuddered and collapsed forever. There would be no more harpoon screams in this world.

Dripping so much black liquid that it masked the blood oozing out of her ears, Eve stared across the scarred battlefield to the final line of Imperium soldiers. Even from this distance they looked shaken but relieved, some even smiling. One dared to wave to her, and as he did, Eve’s head vibrated. She saw red.




to kill him first


don’t be mad

The soldier’s hand dipped, but before it could reach his side, Eve was on him, faster than lightning. She lashed out, because that is what defined her life, and there was blood.

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