Howdy, folks! Looking for some Drago-stuffs to brighten your day? Drago-stuffs that will cost you money and make me so super rich that I'll be able to afford a ride on the bus? Look no further!


Ever wondered what happened in Castle ______ while Dragomir was away? Wonder no more! AFK: Away From Kingdom has the answers... and poses more sinister questions, revealed from the POV of a handful of loveable characters.

You can purchase AFK: Away from Kingdom for the teensy sum of $1.99 from the following outlets:

Kobo Books
Barnes & Noble
Diesel eBook Store

Customized Pictures

Want a picture of you and Dragomir playing cards? Maybe a sketch of Libby wryly dancing the can-can? Or a saucy snapshot of Grylock and Captain Cedric going at it drawing of something that's nor horribly dirty? Now's your chance! I will draw you whatever you like!

... within reason.

Here's the deal. I am currently pursuing this on a trial basis. I want to make sure it's a feasible business move. AT THE MOMENT, therefore, I'm limiting myself to non-coloured line art. Each extra element will add a sliver more to the total price.


- Line art only - $5
- Shading - Add $2
- Background - Add $1 - $3, depending on the complexity of the background (we can discuss over email)
- SPECIAL - Social media or forum avatars - $3 apiece, so long as they're of a reasonably small size (I will not accept that an 8.5 x 11" picture is for an avatar, sneaky monkeys)

All transactions will be completed via Paypal, as that's currently my only option. I will consider expanding to other services in the future.

Interested? Submit all requests to my email address, slte916@gmail.com. Please note that I AM capable of drawing things above and beyond silly little guards caught in silly little dilemmas, so feel free to expand your horizons.

Customized Stories

Maybe you want a what-if Dragomir tale. Maybe it's a goofy anecdote about one of the characters. Hell, maybe you want something that has nothing at all to do with Dragomir. (What a concept.) I can write it! I'm a quick, diligent writer, and every little bit of practice I get is a thumbs up for my overall portfolio. Again, nothing (overly) dirty.


- $5 per 500 words - a 2000 word story, for example, would run you $20
- Your choice of file formatting - I'll consider working out a weird file format a learning experience
- You are free to share your story with others; that said, try to claim any of my characters as your own, and we shall have harsh words, sir and/or madam

Interested? Submit all story requests, again, to slte916@gmail.com.