Welcome, one and all, to the Dragomir's Diary fan art page. This is the spot for Dragomir lovers to express their adoration by drawing or colouring their favourite characters, and chances are pretty solid they'll do a better job than me. Enjoy!

(This is also the landing page for Mindless Walkabout's fanart, in case you hadn't noticed. They're related, so why not put 'em together when both pages are still in their infancy?)

Want to submit some Dragomir fanart? Shoot me an email with the picture attached, or a link to the image, and I'll get it up as soon as I can. (Anybody who tries to send me a virus or spam or something gets a fist to the face.)


Probably Dragomir's number one fan, and the current, self-appointed colourer of the series. SZ is obsessed with making my black-on-green-on-occasional-white scheme look terrible compared to his colour choices, and sad for me, he's bloody good at it. Below are just a few samples of his work; you can find the rest on his DeviantART page.

SZ also took it upon himself to colour the poster I did for the Cast page. Below is a tiny version of the picture; click it to go to his deviantART page and see it in its full glory.

And Libby! LIBBY IN COLOUR! Stupendous, it must be said.

Last, SZ has contributed a piece of Dragomiric art of the man himself! Bask in Dragomir's casual glory.

UPDATE: SZ also has very little love for poor King Jeffrey. SLAM.

Heather B.

My lovely girlfriend Heather - whose musings and ramblings appear both on our joint blog AND her own blog, seldom touched - has contributed Dragomir's Diary's first piece of original art. Can you guess who it is?

I can.

And her dialogue is so true to the character.

Heather wants me to add that that was her first time using the tablet, and that she CAN, in fact, create superior pieces of art. Given the fine quality of this item, however, I find that statement highly dubious.

... and now we have her proof. Behold! Her rendition of Dragomir, with the actual thing looking on in awe! AWE! (She had to do it from memory, in fairness. Hence the vest. He was also wearing a toque until I made note of the spiky spikes.)